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Forum Name Description # of Posts
Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds Queries, Most Wanted, Puzzlers, Brick Walls. This forum also puts queries on the tree page if you have queried from that page. Includes queries about people where the asker has done DNA 312
Smith Roll Call Add your Smith you are researching here, please title it with Name Location Dates Married so it's easy to see the person in the title 39
Smith DNA Project Updates New Members, New matches, FTDNA info 17
Smith Community Facebook Group for Smith Official DNA Project-Status Messages, New Members, New Matches into Groups 0
Smith Tangled Lines Lines where 2 conflicting DNA groups that do not match claim a common ancestor. Please weigh in to help sort these out. 9
Smith Mystery O Day We love a good mystery. Come help us solve it. 13
Smith Adoptions Are you adopted and you believe you are a Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smythe etc? Come post with what you know to help locate your birth parents 6
Smith DNA YDNA, mtDNA, Family Finder/Autosomal questions and discussion. (Questions about interpreting results, which test to get, the science side) If you have done DNA and want to discuss a person/family, please put in the Queries section 24
Smith DNA Project Matched Groupings Smith Matched and Affiliated Groupings that are determined via YDNA testing and affiliated paper trails -s what we are asking for- discussion and sources, leading to collaboration and accuracy. If you see something on any given line (which you can compare by either clicking the tree icon or the pedigree icon on a given kit or participant) that looks incorrect, or needs to be expanded upon, or needs a source, please discuss/comment on it here so we can update the information to be as accurate as possible. Likewise, if you are looking at the group and you can see where one line that stops at a particular point can be connected to another line (or you have a well thought out, yet unproven, theory) please discuss/comment on it here. 3
TNG (Trees) Questions, Discussion and FAQ about using TNG(The Next Generation) for collaborative Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smythe/Smidt etc research 25