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The Weald

I have tested SNPs to the extent that in the J-L24 Project we have our own lineage.

Our earliest ancestor, Robert Smith, died in Cumberland County, VA in 1776. But, via the SNP testing, we know these Smiths likely came from the Iron Industry in England, in a region south of London called "The Weald". The Lennards/Leonards & Garnetts, also with these SNPs, we also involved in that industry. PROBABLY were skilled labor from Calais, and probably were converso-Jews.

Back to Robert: I am now investigating land NORTH of where Robert settled, about 10 years prior to his 1763 deed from Allen, where a "Robert Smith" was involved with the Browne family of Cumberland County, VA. This BROWNE family traces back to "Buckingham Browne", famous in the early masonic order in England. These Brownes had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married a Smith. Our Robert had a wife named "Elizabeth". AND, this land appears to be the SAME land that "John Smith of Westmoreland County, VA" had once leased.


Robert Smith
J Cooke
January 23, 2014