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Matches 1 to 34 of 34 for Tree equals Smith Smyth Schmidt Smythe Smitt AND Branch equals William H Smith b 1811 SC m Emily Honea

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F37122
Arnett, Jessie Garrett Smith, Effie Fredonia 12 Oct 1904 Anson, Jones Co, TX, USA  
2 F37116
Caffey, Haskell Roberts Smith, Daisy Ruth 31 Dec 1919 Knott, Howard Co, TX, USA  
3 F37123
Caffey, Samuel Lafayette Smith, Odella Estell 12 Oct 1904 Anson, Jones Co, TX, USA  
4 F37103
Gazaway, John W Smith, Amanda J   
5 F37112
Gregory, William Harper Waddell, Emily   
6 F37021
Honea, Abner    
7 F37023
Honea, Abner Miller, Mary   
8 F37110
Mason, T C Ragsdale, Mary Susan   
9 F37105
McCollum, Samuel H Smith, Caroline 25 Dec 1873 Cherokee Co, GA, USA  
10 F37121
Neill, James Walter Sampson, Martha Ann   
11 F37111
Ragsdale, Carlton Boyd McCollum, Frances 24 Dec 1874 Cherokee Co, GA, USA  
12 F37022
Ragsdale, John P Smith, Melissa Adeline 30 Jul 1851 Cherokee Co, GA, USA  
13 F37113
Sample, James Benjamin Smith, Lucille 19 Dec 1916 Big Spring, Howard Co, TX, USA  
14 F37130
Sanders, Joseph Smith, Elizabeth   
15 F37101
Sanders, Joseph B    
16 F37126
Scott, John Crawford Smith, Emily Elizabeth   
17 F37017
Smith, Edmond Howard Harrington, Edith May   
18 F37114
Smith, Gordon Lee Heath, Ethel   
19 F37115
Smith, Gordon Lee Leila   
20 F37124
Smith, James Herschell Edwards, Alice   
21 F37125
Smith, James Herschell Jewell   
22 F37019
Smith, James Phillip Gregory, Joann 18 Dec 1873 Holly Springs, Cherokee Co, GA, USA  
23 F37107
Smith, John W Green, Theney 16 Aug 1877 Cherokee Co, Ga, USA  
24 F37104
Smith, Lewis F Harriet E 16 Dec 1883 Cherokee Co, GA, USA  
25 F37120
Smith, Luther Jackson Merrick, Bertha C 19 Dec 1909 Howard Co, Tx, USA  
26 F37118
Smith, Oscar Rivers Smith, Annie Eula 20 Aug 1911 Knott, Howard Co, TX, USA  
27 F37100
Smith, Phillip    
28 F37024
Smith, Phillip A D Honea, Minerva 1837 Pickens District, SC, USA  
29 F37025
Smith, Phillip A D McCorkle, Susan 26 Sep 1882 Franklin Co, AR, USA  
30 F37018
Smith, Walter Edward Neill, Minnie May 30 Jul 1908 Big Spring, Howard Co, TX, USA  
31 F37020
Smith, William H Honea, Emily   
32 F37108
Smith, William H Honea, Phobe   
33 F37128
Smith, William Marshall Simon, Emily Magdalene  Stamford, Jones Co, TX, USA  
34 F37102
Traywick, James S Smith, Harriet A 10 Feb 1859 Coosa Co, AL, USA