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    December 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Stephen Smith   Howard Malcolm Smith   Ella C Orton   Delia A Crockett   Judson Brown   Mary A Hayes   Martha Helms   Thomas Stark   John Wass   Samuel George Smith   Catherine   Alsie Smith   Jesse Howard Smith   George Smith   Simeon S Smith   Jane Smith   Theodore Smith   Andrew A Smith   Mary E P Smith   Martha L Smith   Frederick Frelinghuysen Smith   Stephen Stevens Smith   Gertrude F Smith   Caleb Smith   Samuel Smith   Margueritte Smythe   John S. McKee   Margaret Palestine Smith   Twin Smith   Twin Smith   Joseph E. Smith   Sophronia Coffey   Cora A Smith   Polk Benjamin Smith   Jane Coffey   Rachel E. Thompson   Martha Maria Smith   Elizabeth Smith   Carter Moss   John Jones Smith   James W Smith   Mary M Smith   Franklin A Smith   George Smith   William Franklin Smith   Samuel Smith   Sarah Smith   Rosella Smith   Carl Russell Smith   Noel Hamlin Post   Ansel C Smith   Idillia Smith   Mary Anna Smith   Gilam Smith   Albert B Smith   George W. Smith   John W Smith   Rosalyn Smith   Thaddeus K Smith   Susan Mary Day Smith   Jonathan Smith   Sarah C Smith   Robert Smith   Thomas Smith   Randolph Warr   John Marshall Smith   Sophie Elizabeth Smith   Mary Ann Freeman   William I Smith   David Smith   George Sherman Smith   Lemuel Smith   Alvin L Smith   Betty Ann Clay Jones   Georgianna Smith   James Thomas Smith   Elizabeth Schmidt   Willie Wilbourne   Emilie Hargrave   Sarah Smith   Francis Marion Smith   Lewis Withers   Lucinda Ethridge   William John Smith   Judith Deuel   John Smith   Ernest Mier   Walter Scott Drake   Sarah Frances Alexander   Bleachy B Guyton   Isom Hosea Smith   Harrison M Smith   Adam Smith   David B Hankins   Beula Powell   Wilson W. Smith   Edward G Schmidt   Katherine Christina Schmidt   James Allen Smith   Thomas James Spradley   Bessie Bulah Barnes   Helen E Brown   Ester Jane Smith   William Smith   Peter Kunkel   Mary L Smith   Sarah Jane Smith   Mary Elizabeth Smith   Sarah Smith   Hannah Smith   Almira Louise Smith   Margaret Amanda Smith   Thomas Jefferson Hawkins   Mary Ella Smith   Ernest Howard Baker   Thomas P Smith   Charles A Smith   Sarah   James H Smith   Dora Audrey Day   Sallie R   Sarah   George W Smith   Capt. James Patton Smith   Fleming Smith   Margaret Smith   Elliott Wetzel   Robert Crawford   David Stevens   Sylvanus Smith   Edwin H Smith   Lillian G Smith   Mila Scarborough   John McCall   Janie Smith   Agnus Wilder   Margaret Hayter   Richard Smith, Jr   Charles Earls   Horace A Smith   Ethel Smith   Olive Vivian Jobling   Henry Smith   James Patton Smith, Jr.   Sarah (Sally) GILTNER   Samuel Wood Smith   Sarah DEAN   William Douglass, Senior   Mary Kendall   Frederick George Propst   Maria Barbara Sturm(Storm)   Nancy S. KING   Christopher B Smith   Francis Smith   Zebulon Smith   Carlo Smith   Laura Smith   Richard W Smith   Elizabeth Smith   Richard Smith   Samuel Smith   William Smith   William Smith   Jacob Schmitt, Jr   Barton Dyson Smith   David Smith   Annie Faye Morgan   John Smith   Prudence Barron   Simpson Smith   Solomon Smith   Joshua Smith   Alexander Smith   Edmund Smith   Ruth Smith   Martha Smith   Robert Armstrong Lynch   Lillian Losee   Lillian Losee   Twin Smith   Twin Smith   Earl Stanley Smith   Bennet Smith   Julia Ann Mullins   David Smith   John Smith   George Smith   Malcolm Smith   John Smith, jr   John Smith   Frances Marvin Smith   Jane Smith   Sarah Amanda Smith   James Smith   Elizabeth Cowan   Hiram Smith   Oliver Smith   Margaret Jane Smith   Ann Amanda Smith   Job Smith   James Smith   Abner Smith   Benjamin Franklin Smith   Benjamin Henry Smither   Ruth Smith   Philip Smith   William Edgar Smith   William Smith   Samuel Martin Smith   David Smith   John Smith   Robert Smith   Henry G Smith   John Smith   Mary Jacquelin Smith   John Smith   Susanna Huff Sturgill   Anne Meriwether   Joseph Smith   Martin Smith   Alfreda Smith   Margaret Severs   Sarah Hall   Benjamin Rogers Smith   Nathan Smith   Jay Hugh Fisher   Henry G Smith   Stephen Smith   William H. Smith   Francis Posey   William Carroll Smith   John William Smith, Jr   Alexander (R-M269-10) (a Quake...   George Sewell Smith   Alexander McAlister   William Abbot   Andrew J Smith   unknown Smith   Robert Crawford   Mary Elizabeth Forinash   Milford James Smith   Samuel Smith   William Smith, Sr   Absalom Smith   Thelma Vera Weatherly   Guy Eldridge Warwidk Smith   Matilda Smith   William A Smith   Rebecca Jane (Jennie) FARMER /...   John Green / Mary Sampson   Philip Moore / Esther Biser   Demostenes Robert Madden / Mar...   Henry Clay Smith / Joanna Will...   Charles H Smith / Annie L McNe...   Ted Chapman / Gwendolyn Putlan...   Charles C. Smith / Rebecca Wea...   Howard Cassidy Smith / Clara E...   Henry Walker / Phamriah Smith   William Busser Frey / Elizabet...   John Lipscomb / Sallie Smith   Berry Smith / Mahala Johnson   James A Smith / Emily G Sellen   James Sellen / Ellen Smith   James Sellen / Mary Smith   Wallace Moncar Sellen / Mary A...   A D Hydrick / Sarah Cornelia D...