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4651 Field, Mary Ann (I27408)
4652 y!Jakob Dorner Family History by Nancy R. Kiddoo. Beckenbaugh, Anna Maria (I02881)
4653 y!Jakob Dorner Family History by Nancy R. Kiddoo. Biser, Anna Catherine (I02879)
4654 y!Jakob Dorner Family History by Nancy R. Kiddoo. Shafer, John Junior (I02880)
4655 York County Virginia Charles Parish Records Smith, George (I84116)
4656 You show his parents as John and Margaret: John died in 1610, and Margaret in 1616. If his parents are John and Margaret (either Archdale or Willis), they were born in 1589 (John), and 1590 (Archdale and Willis). The other line for Archdale is 1641, John of London and Elizabeth Lovett. Lovett stayed in England, so he would have been born in Soulbury. Unfortunately, birth record for Virginia has not been located, so most are accepting the 1641 line. However, thee is no evidence that Archdale (1641) ever made it to Virginia. My thinking is he was born in Virginia.

Ron Combs 
Combs, Archdale (I02778)
4657 You will note that before Attleborough was so
named in the latter part of the 17th century, it had been part of the
larger and older REHOBOTH, an area associated with the ancestry of
Thomas Fugate Smith and the others who trace their lines back to Henry
Smith, who died there, I believe. Either my line and Michael Fuller's
line crosses the Smiths in that area by blood or crosses the line
there only coincidentally and thus does not cross (or, I guess I
should say, come down from it) till somewhere farther up the line
across the Pond, I assume in England. 
Fuller, James (I67809)
4658 You will notice that the gedcom in kit 16461 indicates that the ancestor of Alfred M Smith is one Gabriel Smith of North Carolina. I am leaving that in in respect for the kit taker's belief, based on a reference in a county family book, that this is so. However, there is no source for Alfred's father being Gabriel. And in fact, in tracing back the families through the census, plus the marriage record, it is strongly apparent that Alfred M Smith b c 1836 was born in Georgia and is a son of James, grandson of Jesse.

Here is the line of proof for that.

1850 Franklin Co GA- Alfred Smith 13 in household of James Smith, 50 GA (that makes him born c 1837)

1860 Franklin Co GA/Carnesville -Alfred Smith, age 23 in household of James Smith 60 GA

Nov 2 1861- Alfred M Smith m Sophronia Murphy in Franklin Co GA (source: Hunting for Bears: Georgia Marriages 1699-1944)

1880- Alfred M Smith, S E (wife) and H N in Habersham Co GA. Note that H N has it that his parents were born in GA, I believe the NC on Albert M is a mistake.

That said, we here are always open to correction, and welcome sourced information in support of Gabriel. Otherwise, our strong presumption based on the above is that Alfred M Smith was one of the sons of James Smith, b c 1800 d c 1861 Franklin Co GA. We do have another Gabriel Smith b 1761 NC whose descendants went to Carroll Co GA-these are not a DNA match with the Jesse Smith group.  
Smith, Alfred M (I36543)
4659 Your George Washingon Smith b. 1807 KY and died 21 May 1880 in Grant Township, Greenville SC m. Elizbeth Unknown. Please check Greenville SC census and you will find this.

They had a son George W. "Wash" Smith b. 1838 in Greenville SC m. Eliza Jane Cooper b. 30 May 1834 Greenville SC d. 26 Nov 1905 Greenville SC. They are buired at the Cooper Cemetery on Saluda River which is on the line between Greenville and Pickens SC. This George was not the one in Anderson Co SC. The one in Anderson Co SC is from the Job Smith line.
L Cheek 
Smith, George Washington (I31787)
4660 Zadock Purnell Truett died in civil war at VA: Battle of the Wilderness May 1864. They had one child, a daughter Signora Cordelia Truett b 1860. She was married to my great uncle, James Travis Smith. Truett, Zadock Purnell CSA (I38491)
4661 [March 1840]

The execution of a Bill of Sale from Gaston Perry Sheriff was
acknowledged in open court & was on motion ordered to be Registerd.
The CommiSsioners who were appointed to set apart one years allowance
to Rebecca Smith out of the Crop Stock & provisions of Goodman Smith
decd. returned their report which is Confirmed by the Court 
Family F7150
4662 [Note: Harvey Loy's birth record indicates that he is the fifth child of John Smith (57 yrs, b. WV), and Susan Jane Ware (37 yrs, b. WV).] Smith, Harvey Loy (I80274)
4663 [Some show Elizabeth COLLIER, Josiah's first wife, as mother of Rodah.
Nobody I've found has been able to absolutely prove it either way -- Jemima seems more likely to Hubert Armstrong & Bill Pittman who have worked on the SMITH genealogy for over 25 years and I've deferred to their judgment on it.] 
Smith, Josiah (I24755)
4664 “Bethel M.E. Church: The Bethel M.E. Church was organized about 1840. The charter members were William Pitt, Elizabeth Pitt...Samuel Mahan, Margaret Mahan...Asa Mahan. p. 48, Bethel Cemetery: The first burial place in Jackson Township was what is now known as Bethel Cemetery. William Pitt, one of the first residents of this township, gave an acre and a half to be used as a burial place.” p. 49 PITT, William A. (I3760)
4665 “David and Isabella emigrated from Nairn, Scotland to New York state as bride and groom. They lived in New York state several years before moving to Columbiana County, about fifteen miles from the county seat, Wellsville, Ohio. After several years, tiring of the wilderness that was known as Rose’s Run, David Rose bought one hundred acres seven miles from Wellsville, Ohio, named it Inverness, and had the post office in his home. Later, his son (?) John Johnson, was Postmaster during the Civil War. The home, Inverness, still stands (date uncertain) and is owned by two of his great-granddaughters, Anne Pennian Blood and Marion Frances Blood.” “Evan McPherson...came over from Scotland in the ship ‘Francis’ of new Orleans in 1812...In the same ship with Evan McPherson, Alex Dallas and David Rose came over from Scotland. They stopped some time, however, at New York, but settled eventually in Washington, Dallas where William Garside now lives, and Rose upon the Rose place, at Highlandtown.” David is living with his son, John, and his family in 1860. Son, Daniel is living a couple houses away. Applied for citizenship in 1833. Called David of Balacheannich on the David, Daniel Rose and Isabella Lineage Chart, , , , , ROSE, David (I152)
4666 “The first grocery store, and the only store, was located in a hut built by Hugh McGary, fronting on Water and Main. This store was started in this building by Wm. McKnitt, whose daughter was Mrs. James Steele and who still resides here. Mrs. Steeles’s mother, Mrs. McKnitt, was a sister of Benona and John B. Stinson., who settled on a farm below town in 1812, on or about McGary’s time.” Listed as early taxpayer in Pigeon Township, Evansville, IN, in the years 1837 and 1838, p. 122 Listed as a member of the 2nd Company, 6th Regiment of the Delaware State Militia for the year 1803., , McKNITT, William (I1605)
4667 “When in 1843 Isaac LONG spied out the land in Ogle County he started something destined to have much to do with the future of our church in this section. He liked the prairies but he loved a maiden in Maryland so he went back home and married Catherine HIGHBARGER. His report of the West was so so glowing that in the summer of 1845 his father, Jacob LONG, and nine or ten children, along with three or four other families, one of which was the Isaac ROWLAND family, decided to come west too. They loaded into heavy wagons that were drawn by four or six hourses such of their possessions as they could bring with them. They drove their cattle through. On June 19th they bade farewell to their Hagerstown friends and began their tedious trek towards the setting sun, arriving at the cabin of John FRIDLEY, LONG’s brother-in-law, on July 31.

Consider the LONG family. There were the parents, Jacob, an elder, and Catherine; their three daughters, Susanna and husband, Henry COFFMAN; Catherine and husband, David BUTTERBAUGH; Sarah and husband, Joshua SLIFER; all of these except COFFMAN were members of the church. In addition to these were six other chldren: Isaac and wife, Catherine; four sons and one daughter, unmarried. The LONG families entered the government land north and east of what is now Maryland. These families became the nucleus from which the West Branch Congregation grew. The following spring the tenth of the LONG children, Mary and her minister husband, Samuel GARBER, also came west and settled at the villiage of Maryland, living in the house a few rods from the present Old Order Meetinghouse.” p. 26 Jacob Long was elder in charge in the early years of the West Branch church. p. 27 “...Rev. Jacob Long a native of Washington County, Maryland born in 1784 and who was the son of Isaac Long, a native of Pennsylvania of German ancestry....Jacob Long grew to manhood in his native country and there married Catherine Friedly (sp), a native of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and daughter of Andrew Fridley, of Swiss descent.” p. 155 Note: Andrew is the brother of Catherine. John is her father., , , 
LONG, Jacob (I523)

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