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4101 Southside Virginian Vol X No 4
Campbell Co, VA. Methodist Cemetery inscription 
Smith, George (I41726)
4102 southside Virginian Vol X no 4
Excerpt from Brunswick Co Guardian Accounts #2 1828-1843)
p 34 1829 Audna/Audne/Ariadne E Smith, orphan of Benjamin Smith, deceased; William Graves, guardian. Account settled with Daniel Butts "who intermarried with Miss A E Smith". 
Smith, Ariadne E (I41722)
4103 Southside Virginian Vol X No 4
Halifax Co, VA Power of Attorney
Selections from Halifax Co Deed Books 28-32
DB 29 p 215 Reuben Smith of Maury Co, TN to William Hall of Pittsylvania County, Virginia power of attorney to receive from William Sydnor of Halifax Co, Virginia surviving executor to my father William Smith all that is due me. Dated June 10 1815 recorded 26 March 1821 
Smith, Reuben (I41730)
4104 Southside Virginian Vol X No 4
Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin Co pensioned in 1832
Henry Smith (Order book Sep 1832) 
Smith, Henry (I41731)
4105 Southside Virginian Vol X111 #3 Jul-Sep 1995
Bedford Co, VA Court Tues Feb 25 1773 and in the XXVIIIth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second.
p 63 Joseph Ray Gent Sherif of Bedford County Plaintiff against Henry Smith Defendant to Case. This day came Plaintiff by his Attorney and there upon a jury, to wit, Samuel Drake, Henry Bunch, David Dalton, John Quarles, Stphene Chinah, Paul Chiles, Francis Callaway, William Verdiman, Benjamin Orrick, Jeremiah Yarbrough, James Wilson & David Watkins who being sworn Diligently to inquire of Damages in this suit upon there oaths do say that the Plaintiff has Sustain'd Damages by occasion of the non Proformance of the Assumption in the Declaration Specified to L9.59.d1 1/12 besides his costs. Therefore. (p 64) it is Considreed by the Court that Plaintiff Recover against the said Defendant and William Hayse who was Return'd Security for the Appearance of the said Defendant and his Damages aforesaid Assess's and his Costs by him in this Behalf Expended and the said Defendant in Mercy & ca. 
Smith, Henry (I41708)
4106 Southside Virginian Vol XI #4
chesterfield Co, VA court records
Aug 4 1749
A deed indented between William Graves Senr and Elizabeth his Wife of the one part and Alexander Smith of the other part together with the Memorandum thereon indorsed was acknowledged by the said William (Eliza, his wife being first privilly examined and relinquishing her Right to the premised thereby conveied) and ordered to be recorded. 
Smith, Alexander (I41739)
4107 Southside Virginian Vol XII No 3
Amelia County Court Records
Aug 13 1736
Deeds from Richd Smith to Elendr Gray Proved by the Oaths of James Hall & Geor Bagle 2 of the Tiness thereto 
Smith, Richard (I41732)
4108 Southside Virginian Vol XIII No 1
Mention of Absalom and George Smith in will of Thomas Harwell of Greensville Co, VA . Absolem P Smith mentioned as friend and executrix. George Smith a witness -will dated 16th July 1825 
Smith, Absalom (I41703)
4109 Southside Virginian Vol XIV # 2
court Greenville Co, VA
Claims allowed for provisions Apr 26 1782
Tabitha Smith 13 Bushels Corn @1/16 do ..19.6
Smith, Tabitha (I41718)
4110 Southside Virginian Vol XIV #1
Greenville Co, VA Court 26 Apr 1781
Joel Smith recommended as second Lieutenant 
Smith, Joel (I41715)
4111 Southside Virginian Vol XIV #2
Anderson and Elizabeth Mary Ann Avary thought to have moved ot Oglethorpe, GA and died there  
Family F15121
4112 Southside Virginian Vol XIV #2
On Christmas Eve 1802, John Avary gave his won Archer Avary a power of attorney "for the purpose of transacting all and singular my business within the limits of the State of Virginia" which was witnessed by Anderson Smith and James W Neel, JP. This was probably to recover the slaves recently bequeathed to him by his father George Avery in Brunswick Co, VA  
Smith, Anderson (I41716)
4113 Southside Virginian Vol XIV No 1
1781 Greenville Co, VA
Mary Smith Widow of Eads Smith decd Complt against Thomas Smith, Andrew Jeter and Mary his Wife, Olive Smith and Drusilla Smith Defts - in Chancery 
Family F15120
4114 Southside Virginian Vol XIV No 1
Nov 22 1781 Greenville Co, VA
Mary Smith Widow and relict of Eads Smith decd came into Court and renounced all benefit that she might have in claim under the Will of her late husband deceased which is ordered to be Certified.  
Smith, Eads (I41713)
4115 Southside Virginian Vol XIV no 1
Aug 23, 1781 Greenville Co, VA
Ordered that David Rosser, Eads Smith, Frederick Davis and Isham Lundy or any three of them having sworn do Appraise in Current Money the Estate of Jesse Davis dec'd according to Law and return the Appraisement thereof to the Court.  
Smith, Eads (I41713)
4116 Southside Virginian Vol XIv no 1 Winter 1996
Greenville, VA Court p 8
Nov 22 1781
The last will and testament of Eads Smith dec'd, was proved by Francis Wrenn and Nancy Collier Witnesses threto and is ordered to be recorded And on the Motion of Andrew Jeter one of the Executors therein named who made Oath thereto and together with Absalom Harris and Ephraim Peebles his Securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of L4000 conditioned as the Law directs Certifidate is granted him for obtaininga probt thereof in due form. The other Executor therein named refused to join in the said probat.  
Smith, Eads (I41713)
4117 Southside Virginian Vol XIV No 2
Greenville Co, VA court Apr 26 1782
Claims allowed for provisions
Edes Smith 450 lb do 4.13.19 
Smith, Eads (I41713)
4118 Southside Virginian Vol XIV No 2
Greenville Co, VA Court Mar 12 1782 for valuing the property impressed for the public
Smith, Joseph (I41719)
4119 Southwest Territory, now TN Smith, Henry (I78847)
4120 spculative m Sarah Elizabeth Hayman on 13 Sep 1860 Smith, Joshua L (I38089)
4121 Speculation that he is son of John Little River Smith
From Kermit Smith

John LR, likely father of Gabriel Smith Sr.,was a signer of the Regulators Petition in 1769 Anson Co.,NC as was Richard Downs of Anson Co. By 1775 John LR was the Adjutant General for the Loyalist Militia and Highlanders under General Donald McDonald and was in the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge NC near Wilimington NC. The Patriot militia and Cont.Line routed the Tories and Highlanders in minutes. John LR was captured and was sent to Philadelphia Pa as a POW. He stayed there for about 7 months and was able to post bond for security if allowed to come home. He evidently caught a disease in prison and likely died after 1784 in Montgomery Co.NC.
Richard Downs was arrested for suspicious behavior by the Anson Co. Safety Committee and was released if he agreed to 3 months in the Partiot militia and his security was Capt.Bogan of Anson Co. (This was probably Patrick Bogan who reported to Patriot Col Thomas Wade and I believe married to one of Wade's daughters.)Source Colonial and State Records of North Carolina. 
Smith, Gabriel (I18093)
4122 Speculations: Several distant cousins believe that David Samuel Smith is the son of John Smith jr. b; 1747 Somerset County, Md d: 1793 Chester County, SC. This Smith is well documented in the book by Rev. Wesley Smith titled: Fifty-two years of a preacher life in Mississippi and Texas. The reason for the speculated relationship is the fact that William Riley Smith and Wesley Smith's father (Joshua Smith) are buried in the same private cemetery in Midway Mississippi. The cemetery was on land that was originally part of the plantation owned by Joshua Smith. So if this relationship is proved, Joshua Smith and David Samuel Smith's father (John Smith jr.) were brothers. I've spoken with a male descendent of Wesley Smith and haven't been able to talk him into a DNA test. Family F8292
4123 Speers recieved a warrant on the land on April 17, 1769. He sold it to Philip Smyth in 1816. Not much is known about Smyth, except for a slur delivered by a traveler in a jounal who called the town's founder "a fat, irgnorant Dutchman".

Smyth, who had already owned a tavern in the surrounding Addison Township, laid out the town in 1818 as Smythfield. But the name had to be changed because there already existed a town called Smithfield in Fayette County.

The town grew with the creation of the National Pike, which ran through the middle of Somerfield. The town actually had only two streets: Bridge Street (which was Route 40 and ended at the triple arch Bridge) and River Road, which ran along the Youghiogheny River. In addition, there were a few alleys.

Across the river from Somerfield was the town of Jockey Hollow. Down the river was Watsondale. In all, the Army Corps of Engineers reports 10 villages were destroyed for the creation of the Dam.

On July 4, 1818, the Triple Arch Bridge was dedicated. It had been built by three men named Kinkaid, Beck and Evans, who were housed in a tavern built especially for them: the Youghiogheny House, which was later owned by the Endsley family and eventually run by the Cornish family as the Cornish Hotel.

Dedication of that bridge was a momentous occasion. President James Monroe, along with several members of his cabinet and other officials, turned out. Residents from all over the countyside were present.

The town grew and prospered with westward expansion. A number of Taverns or Hotels were built. Several stage coach lines had stops in the town, including the Good Intent Stage Company and Stockton Lines. Many stage coach drivers lived in the town.
- History on Somerfield Pennsylvania by Frances Borsodi Zajac 
Family F32331
4124 Spelling of name varies. In the John Myers surrogate file and on the 1840 and 50 Stueben County, NY Census it is spelled Crotsley. On his daughter, Angeline’s, death certificate (in D.B. Smith’s pension file) it is spelled, Cretsley. It appears some of his children and relations used the “ot” and some the “et” and at least one used “it”. John Myers surrogate file has payments in the following amounts (either from or to) William Crotsley: April 5, 1852, $550, August 26, 1853, $100, March 1, 1856, $50., , , CRETSLEY, William (I496)
4125 Spencer J. Smith 1843-1923 born Aylmer, Ontario, Canada m. Martha Schaeffer 1848-1916

Spencer Smith - rolled logs down the Mississippi and became a U. S. citizen, one of the founders of Waukee, Iowa

b 1843 Aylmer, Ontario, Canada in a log house 2 miles N.E. of town

d 1923 Minburn, Iowa at his son's home in Minburn, Iowa

m Martha Shafer Smith 29 May 1877 - b1848 - d1916

had daughter: Mabel Smith 
Family F9740
4126 Spinal Menningitis CRETSLEY, Angeline T. (I68)
4127 Spouse listed as Mira Sisk Family F10215
4128 Spring 2015 issue of 'Nonesuch', the magazine for Bristol University alumni Smith, Mervyn (I11063)
4129 Spring 2015 issue of 'Nonesuch', the magazine for Bristol University alumni Smith, Margaret (I28930)
4130 SS/W Alex. Fowler -
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 25 #3 
Family F15206
4131 St Louis Genealogical Society Vol X # 1 Mar 1977 Smith, Ezekiel (I806)
4132 St Louis Genealogical Society Vol X #1 March 1977 Family F15113
4133 St Louis Genealogical Society Vol X #1, March 1977 Family F12227
4134 State 727 Grain Field  Smith, Abraham (I43726)
This is to certify, that Simon Smith was inlisted to serve as Sergeant in the _____ Battalion of Minutemen, raised for the Defense of this State, by Resolve of Assembly, passed the 3rd June, 1777; and that said Simon Smith was not, at the Time of his Inlistment an Inhabitant of this State, nor had he resided in any Part therefor for six months preceding his Inlistment And further, That he was in Service at the Time the said Battalion was reduced by a subsequent Resolve of March 1st, 1778. 4
Given under my Hand, at Wilkes this
20th day of April 1784.
By his order Elijah Clark Lt. Col.
W. Thurman

State of Georgia. R: County
This is to certify, That Simon Smith hath stedfastly done his duty, from the time of the passing an Act a t Augusta, to wit, on the 20th of August, 1781, until the total Expulsion of the British from this State; and the said Simon Smith cannot, to my knowledge or belief, be convicted of plundering or distressing the country; and is therefore, under the said Act, entitled to a Bounty of Two Hundred and Fifty Acres of good Land, free from taxes for ten years.
Given under my hand, at Pleasant Hill the
11 day of March 1784.
G. L. Ler Cole  
Smith, Simon (I23462)
4136 Stepfather Pettit (I70575)
4137 Stephen Milligan 
Milligan, Stephen Passmore (I00089)
4138 Stephen Milligan 
Wass, Lewis Maxwell (I00715)
4139 Stephen Seable (some oral history said his name was Stephen Samuel)
His headstone in the Monroe Cemetery only has S.S.
He had three wives and served as a Reverend.
As told by Estle Smith:
Wesley Smith had a half brother named Abner that lived in Monroe, Ok for many years. And he had a boy named PJ (his youngest child). Abner had 2 older girls also. PJ's nickname was Jesse. Estle Smith confirmed that there were family names of Pelham and Lierke (see census 1880). It is not clear which children of Stephen Smith are associated with which wife.
Wives names may have been Mary J. Hall, Martha Ann Mills and Eliza
C. Gandee 
Smith, Stephen Seable (I26116)
4140 Stephen Smith and Olive Harrison, spinster, daughter of Nathaniel Harrison, who consents. May 25 1778 Cudey and Gabriel Harrison, witnesses. - Virginia Magazine of History and Biography-Brunswick Co VA Family F9047
4141 Stephen Smith paid Poll Tax in 1818, Lawrence Co., Miss. and in 1819 paid no Poll Tax. Thus he had turned 50, as no Poll Tax was required after age 50 in Miss. Thus he was born in 1769. Smith, Stephen (I14958)
4142 Stephen Smith3 [Isham Smith2, Nathan Smith1] (b. 1803 in Franklin Co. GA / d. abt 1867 in Lawrence Co. MS) married Mary Newton (b. 1803 in Creek Indian lands later Baldwin & Jasper Co., GA / d. 1868 in Lawrence Co. MS), the daughter of John Tucker Newton and Margaret Maxwell, on 8 Mar 1822 in Lawrence co. MS. All of their children were born in Lawrence Co. MS.

Marriage License for Stephen Smith and Mary Newton; Family Bible Records, Estate Record naming children in 1868. 
Smith, Stephen J (I14974)
4143 Stone reads "Mrs. Rebecca Jenkins, wife of Eleazer Jenkins Esq." There is a large hold in the stone where her dates/age should be. The next stone reads: "In Memory of Eleazer Jenkins who departed this life April the 6 A.D. 1824 in the 73rd year of his age." Dunlap, Rebecca (I80660)
4144 Stroke DILL, Jonas Robertson (I186)
4145 struck by lightning Susannah (I18008)
4146 Studied divinity with the Rev Charles Backus of Somers, CT; ordained pastor of the Congregational Church at Castleton VT, Jan 17, 1804; dismissed Nov 1, 1826; preached at Surry 3 years; after supplying from 1830, was installed pastor of the Cong Church at Chesterfield, May 23, 1832; dismissed Dec 2, 1834; supplied next at Hinsdale for a time; was then at Pomfret VT 10 years; when removing to West Hartford, preached at Sharon VT until his decease.

m1: 8 Jul 1802, Granby, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts; Clarissa Preston (1780-?)

m2: Chloe Howard Pratt (1789-1872)

died: 12 Oct 1857, West Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut; West Hartford Cemetery

Sketches of the alumni of Dartmouth college By George Thomas Chapman (1867)

Philip Hathaway Koether, AIA 
Smith, Elihu (I10530)
4147 Supposed father to Richard. There is a Thomas Smith who left a will in 1669 but, being torn off and incomplete, his children are not listed.  Smith, Thomas (I23454)
4148 supposedly Family F7822
4149 Supposedly Des Moines, IA

Family F9582
4150 supposedly went south and was killed by Indians Smith, Ambrose Joshua (I19524)

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