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4001 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I42568)
4002 Rhea County Will Book A
p 152 Settlement of the estate of John A Smith dec 28 July 1832 John W Smith admr 
Smith, John A (I42565)
4003 Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636-1899 Family F15480
4004 Richard Abell | Block address
Subject: Peter Smith

Premise #1. Some think Peter's wife is Margaret....because of this deed
15 May 1706 Hannah Breel spouse to Henry Breel of Northumberland
County, only daughter and child of the deceased James Smith of
Westmoreland County with the consent of Henry Breel, to Peter Smith
our interest in the land. Witnesses: John Davidson and Margrett Smith.
I believe Margaret to be the wife of brother James Smith.
Peter, (b abt 1670 d 1740) wife: Mary BAYLEY?

If your Peter is this last one, here are 2 versions of the will I
found: Names daughter, Martha McClanahan. (My ancestor)
the actual year of death was known to be "before May 1741", but 1740
came from a book of Peter Smith of Westmoreland, Virginia? (probably the same
one cited above)

From Wills of Westmoreland county, VA 1654-1800 by Augusta B. Fothergill
"10 Jan 1738; 12 May 1741, 48 acres to my dau. Mary Fleming; son Peter, land in Westmoreland; son
James the land in Prince William on Bull Run where he now lives which is 325
acres; sons Thomas and William land in Prince William which is 325
acres; dau Abigail Fleming land in Prince Wiliam; granddau., Ann Bailey land
in Prince William; heirs of dau Anne Thomas one shillng; dau Mary Fleming
one shilling; dau Hannah Ware 1 shilling; dau. Martha McCLANAHAN 1 feather
bed; son Peter exr; heirs of son John Smith 1 shilling."

LDS microfilm 873,918 Page 45. SMITH, Peter. 10 Jan 1738; 12 May
1741. My dau Mary FLEMING; son Peter; son James the land in Prince William
where he now lives; sons Thomas and William; dau Abigail FLEMING; granddau
Ann BAILEY; dau Anne THOMAS; dau Mary FLEMING; dau Hannah WARE; dau Martha
McCLANAHAN; son Peter exor.
Where did your cousins get the name of Mary Bailey?
I believe the info originally came from one of Wilmer Smith's books
(Wilmer and Richard. Abell--SMITH cousins, desc of Peter)

I have "guessed" that Martha's mother was Mary Bayley, daughter of
Stephen Bayley but I have no proof other than Mary married a Mr.
Smith! I've never had any luck finding a record where the first name
of Mary's husband is given. However, I do note that Mary Bayley was
probably born in 1668 so she would be quiet a bit older than Peter, not too uncommon, I guess.
I think "Ann Bayley" might be a better guess? see following:

Fairfax Deed Book O, pg. 36. 29 Apr 1783. John Baley of Westmoreland County sold to Alexander Henderson for 60 pounds the rights to Ann Bayleys share of land patented by Peter Smith 13
June 1712. By his will Peter Smith devised 325 acres to each of his sons,
James, Thomas, and William. The remaining part was devised to his daughter
Abigail Flemming and his granddaughter Ann Baley who were to have first choice
of land.

25 Nov 1997:
Peter's will at
The witnesses were Hugh Thomas (son-in-law), James Walker, and STEPHEN BAILEY, JUNIOR. Stephen is probably the brother of Mary/Ann and son of Stephen and Ann (Jeffers) WALKER Bailey. Which brings me to James Walker--there could be the relation between him, Ann Jeffers, and her first husband William Walker, or there could be the relation with Mary/Ann's brother, John who married Elizabeth Walker. Did I mention Stephen Bailey had a daughter named Ann Bailey(Baley)?? Could this be the Female Smith who married ??? Bailey????? I am going to order from Donna Beers the Stephen Bailey descendant book she compiled. It could help. Let me know what you think!! Jen Peter Smith website

Wilmer Smith's answer to some of the above questions.

Ann - This responds to some of the notes in you last msg.
1. The first note about Margaret Smith. You will note in the book that Margaret Smith was a witness. Logic would lead one to believe that if Margaret was the wife of Peter's brother James, she would have been the principle in the transaction rather than James daughter - not a witness. That is the reason we state in the book that she "might be Peter's wife."
2, ?The second note mentions Peters' death being in 1740. No where in the book does it cite the year 1740. The title says 1741, the face page says 1741, Part 1 says 1741. You will note that his hand written will is shown on pages 17 and 18. On page 18 it says that the will was presented to the court on 28 April 1741. That is almost 4 months into the year 1741. Logic would again indicate that he died in 1741.
2. Smith/Fleming - There were several marriages between the Smiths and Flemings. Peter' daughter Abigail married William Fleming, daugher Mary Smith married John Fleming and son Thomas Smith married Elizabeth Fleming.
3, With respect to the Fairfax Deed Book - The hand written will of Peter Smith, as mentioned above cites the distribution of the land.
4. Martha Smith (Peter's daughter) who married William McClanahan.
Well, I hope this is of some help - not making it more confusing. Ha. Wilmer

Unfortunately, the Robert/Nicholas Smith connection is not correct. Westmoreland County records show that Peter Smith of Nicholas/Robert issue was a minor in 1741; and unless an 18 year old can have a granddaughter named Anne Bayley, he must be a different Peter Smith. :-) Richard Smith on Genforum post #7346 corrected me. If my memory serves me right, he is the author of the Peter Smith book of Westmoreland Co. and again if memory is right, he had this info in his book and found it to be wrong later. :-(

More from Richard...
"I went through the Westmoreland County, VA, records and discovered that the Peter Smith whose parents and grandparents were Nicolas and Robert Smith was a minor in 1741, the year that our Peter Smith died. So far, no record I have seen names the father of our Peter Smith (died 1741).

There were so many Peter Smiths in the Westmoreland County records that
it is difficult to determine if any of them is our Peter Smith. So
far, no record I have seen names the father of our Peter Smith (died 1741)."

More from memory was correct...found this in my notes. "In researching the VA Smiths I found records on a Peter Smith, son of Nicholas Smith and grandson of
Robert Smith, all living in the southern part of Westmoreland or northern part
of Northumberland County. The info fit so well and a distant cousin, who
lived in Alexandria, Va talked me into making that connection in the first book (A
Smith Family - Pioneers of the South). Well, later a noted Certified
Genealogist of Northern Virginia rapped my nuckles about it (Ha). He had a record
where, about 1756, a Peter Smith sold some land that had belonged to Nicholas
Smith so he was the son of Nicholas, not the proven Peter Smith who died in 1741.
He thought the Proven Peter Smith was the son of an earlier Peter Smith who
died in the 1690's - no proof tho but probably true. So, this was corrected in
the second book."

I went through the Westmoreland County, VA, records and discovered
that the Peter Smith whose parent and grandparent were Nicolas and
Robert Smith was a minor in 1741, the year that our Peter Smith died.
There were so many Peter Smiths in the Westmoreland County records that
it is difficult to determine if any of them is our Peter Smith. So
far, no record I have seen names the father of our Peter Smith (died 1741).

Richard Smith
Family F7885
4005 Richard Bull Smith married Sarah Hammond, not Sarah Folger, see NYG&B Record below

Sue Smith 
Sarah (I18391)
4006 Richard Burch consents Family F14613
4007 Richard Cocke of ""Bremo"", Henrico Co and Anne Bowler, his wife, (See Adams Genealogy, Quarterly, V pp 159-164 ante p 32.  Family F33693
4008 Richard L Smith
Residence: Craven County, North Carolina
Age at Enlistment: 18
Enlistment Date: 7 Oct 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
Enlistment Place: Craven County, North Carolina
State Served: North Carolina
Service Record: Enlisted in Company E, North Carolina 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 07 Oct 1861.
Birth Date: abt 1843
Sources: North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster 
Smith, Richard (I96834)
4009 Richard moved with his family about 1834 from Selma, AL to Farmington,
MS, when his son William Richard was eleven or twelve years old. He is
supposed to have started this town. He died during the Civil War and is
buried at Farmington Baptist Church about three miles east of Corinth,
MS. The grave is unmarked now because Union soldiers took some of the
gravestones to build a baking oven. 
Family F5860
4010 Richard or Thomas Perrin (I94011)
4011 Richard P. Smith-1 was born on Jun 17, 1823 in Cork, Ireland. He was born about Est. 1818 -
1823 in Cork, Ireland. He died on Apr 02, 1889 in Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, and was buried,
(St. Stephen Catholic Cemetery, Fort Thomas , Campbell, Kentucky).
NY York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
about Richd Smith
Name: Richd Smith // Arrival Date: 4 Jun 1846 // Estimated Birth Year: abt 1823 // Age: 23 //Gender:
Male// Port Of Departure: Liverpool, England // Ship Name: Envoy // Port Of Arrival: New York, New
York // Line: 20 // Microfilm Serial M237 // Microfilm Roll: M237_62 // List Number: 420
Some of the Irish Immigrants had family in America, some did not. Around 1849-1850, in Cincinnati,
Ohio, Richard Smith is listed as the owner of a bakery, West Side of Sycamore between 3rd and 4th
Sarah Elizabeth Miller daughter of William Miller and Elizabeth Barde was born on Dec 05, 1833,
Hamilton County, Ohio. She died on May 24, 1895 in Palatka, Putnam, Florida, USA, and buried
at (St Monica's Cemetery / Westview Cemetery, Palatka, FL.).
Richard P. Smith and Sarah Elizabeth Miller were married, EST: 1853, Cincinnati, Hamilton,
Smith, Richard P (I38092)
4012 Richard Smith 390a Lunenburgh Co on the S of long BR of Wynn's Cr bounded by the Rich Point Br of Terrible Cr 10 Sep 1755 p 622 40 ahill  Smith, Richard (I42552)
4013 Richard Smith came from Eastern Virginia to Lotts Creek, Perry county, Now Knott, before 1800. Married Alicia Combs in 1794. Issue were: william: Thomas, Samuel, Nicholas, James, Lorenzo Dow, Joshua, Isaac, Patsy, Polly, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Nancy, Kizzie- - Early Kentucky Records Family F18218
4014 Richard Smith was born in Rutherford County North Carolina on 2 Sept 1811 and died on 8 Jan 1884. He married Margaret Wood 13 Feb 1839. Margaret was born 10 Nov 1812 and died 9 May 1873. They are buried in a family plot in what now is the Rutherfordton City Cemetery with their daughter Mary. Smith, Richard (I50791)
4015 Richard Smith, bondsman Family F1532
4016 Richard Stanhope Pullen was born on September 18, 1822 to Turner and Elizabeth Smith Pullen on the small family plantation in Wake County, NC. Little is know about his early life and education and even in his later life he shied from press and recognition. However, it is known that as a young man he began working for his uncle, Richard Smith, in Raleigh. Eventually he inherited quite a large sum of money from his uncle and began embarking on developing Raleigh through business endeavors as well as philanthropic projects.-Findagrave Pullen, Richard Stanhope (I88569)
4017 Rita “Rittie” Smith, widow of George Smith and sister-in-law of Johnny Smith, died 2 Jan 1896, aged
91 years, 5 days. She was born 27 Dec 1804, in Rowan Co., N.C., and came to Union County with her parents in 1820 and settled on Hudgens Creek. Her husband died 44 years ago and she lived with her son, Charles Smith, on the old home place in the northern part of the county. She had nine sons and four daughters, of whom five children survived her, Adam Smith, David Smith, Alexander Smith, Andrew Smith, and Charles Smith. She also left 45 grandchildren and 58 great-grandchildren. In 1864 she joined Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church 
Lyerle, Belvarita (I91596)
4018 Ritchie Co,Wv. History by M K Lowther.
Harrison Co, WV Wills Film # 464945. 
Willis, William (I01025)
4019 River counties Jan 1979
Maury Co, TN Circuit Civil Cases 1814-1828 misc
Susan D Carr vs William Carr issued 3 Jan 1825 for divorce. She sued by her next friend Nathaniel Smith. Her husband has forbidden her to return to him or to live with him as her wife and she being left with 4 small children in a helpless and destitute situation and he is about to convey all of his property including negroes; she asks for attachment of the negroes. Her husband has committed "adultery with one Hannah Yarborough and another woman in the vicinity of Columbia-a certain Mrs. Champ". Case was heard 9 July 1827 and she got the divorce. The papers included a deposition by Holden W Liggett, age 33 in July 1827 and in Bedford County about the character of Hannah Yarborough- which was not good
A deposition of John Evans Jr age 27 on 8 June 1827 in Stokes Co NC who said that in Dec 1824 he was at home of Hezekiah Davis in Maury County when Mrs Carr rode up and said she supposed it was on my account that William Carr had drove her off, that he was jealous of me..
Deposition of Mary Murrell, age 26, on 30 June 1825 in Maury, she mentions John F Carr, father of William Carr; John F Carr said he wanted John Murrell to go and live on his plantation which he had purchased from William Carr; William Carr had a sister in North Carolina. William Carr did not own his youngest child, and he said it was not his.
John Wilkinson age 20 on July 1827 made deposition in Bedford County and he heard Mrs. Carr say she'd never live with him again. Tildy Carr (now Tildy Jones) observed and said "Susan, don't say that'. There was a good deal of quareling between them ... mentions the time Capt Smith and his wife came to old Mr Carrs. ...
Sally Moore age 30 in June 1825 made deposition that she once saw a black place on Susan's arm while "I lived in Williamson County".
Susan Carr asks that she be known as Susan D Smith; her lawyer was Williamson Smith; James K Polk was the lawyer for William Carr (Frominformation in this suit it appears that Nathaniel Smith was the father of Susan). There were also 1825 summons for the following; John Fox, Elizabeth Carr, Matilda Jones, Nancy Martin, William Rhea, Hampton Liggett, Jonathan Smith and Maria Smith. In 1824 there were also ones for Hezekiah Davis and Polly, his wife.  
Smith, Nathaniel (I42522)
4020 River Counties, July 1797
Pioneers of Montgomery Co TN
On Barton's Creek (1780 to 1800) Samuel Smith, Wm Sullivan, John McAliser, Thomas H Batson, George Trotter, and Billy Lee, John Rook and Joseph Dickson. (Haw) John McCauley, Wm McMurray,. George Trotter and Billy Lee, the former a farmer and the latter a shoemaker, were men of large families. Mr Trotter's children were all boys and Lee's all girls. Both being a little merry, upon a certain occasion, agreed to exchange wives for one year to see if their *luck* would turn. It is not affirmed that they really carried out this arrabgement but it is a little remarkable that their wives had each a child of the much desired sex, Mrs L having a girl and Mrs T a "bouncing baby boy". 
Smith, Samuel (I42512)
4021 River Counties, July 1797
Pioneers of Montgomery Co TN
On Blooming Grove Creek (between 1780 to 1800, James Smith mentioned.  
Smith, James (I42511)
4022 RoaneTNHeritage site
ohn SMITH died in August 1840 leaving his widow Christiana. John
NETHERY married their youngest daughter, Christiana in 1830.
Anthony SMITH was a son, John SMITH was a son. Josiah SMITH
was mentioned. March term 1844. pp. 232-240.
Smith, Major John (I21955)
4023 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I2)
4024 Robert and Adam Dunlap married sisters Mary and Jane Pattison.

Family F29522
Funeral services for Robert Dexter Smith, 48, of Ted David Rd., Crossville, who passed away April 24, 1999, were held April 27 from the chapel of Bilbrey Funeral Home, with burial in Haley's Grove Cemetery.

Bros. Junior Pugh and Junior Masters officiated, with the eulogy given by his uncle, Kenneth Ray Webb.

He was born April 14, 1951, the son of James Elmo Smith and Pauline Frances Webb Smith.

Mr. Smith was a factory worker, and he was of the Protestant faith.
Survivors include his parents, James Elmo and Pauline Smith, both of Crossville; daughters, Melissa Leffew and Erica Rhonda Smith, both of Crossville; grandchildren, Justin Lee Smith and Ashley Nicole Leffew, both of Crossville; brother, Gordon Dale Smith of Crossville; sister, Geneva Faye Bilbrey of Crossville; niece, Cristy Ann Cotton; and nephew, Nicholas Dale Smith.

Pallbearers were Kevin J. Cotton, Dan Potter, Rick Poston, Randy Brewer, Dennis Pelfrey and William W. Carter Jr.

Bilbrey Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.  
Smith, Robert Dexter (I65213)
4026 ROBERT PIKE, son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Bush) PIke, born at
Portsmouth, December 1766, came to Stark in the beginning of the
present century. His father, Nathaniel, was an officer on a
privateersman in the Revoltuion, and was put in charge of a prize that he brought into Portsmouth. Robert Pike had a farm in the eastern part of Stark, on which is grandson, Joseph A., now resides. He served as selectman and town clerk. He married Deborah Smith.
Harwood Pike, son of Robert, was born January 11, 1808. He was a farmer, carpenter, school-master, surveyor, and a scholarly man of unusual ability. He had a remarkable memory, was well-read in history and the classics, and was able to give information, on many subjects, and was accurage in dates of events. He was a life-long Jacksonian Democrat and his official positions were all that were within the gift of his townsmen. He was a representative two terms, and twice delegate to constitutional conventions; county commissioners three years. He was six feet in height, straight as an arrow, and bore himself with gentlemanly dignity. His wife was a Cole. He died in 1871. His son, Joseph A. Pike, has been first selectman of Stark many years; representative two terms; a member of the constitutional convention; and was a prominent candidate before the Democratic convention of 1886 for state senator. William T. Pike, youngest son of Harwood Pike, has been selectman, clerk, etc. He was sheriff of Coos county from 1879 until 1883 inclusive, his re-election proving his efficiency in official duties. Mr. Pike succeeeds S.G. Hannaford in charge of the Coos county alms-house and farm.
-History of Stark NH 
Pike, Robert (I86667)
4027 ROBERT SMITH of Moneymore, county of Londonderry, Ireland, son of James Smith of Ireland, came to this country with a number of families, in the autumn of 1736, and spent the following winter at Lexington, Mass

wife Elizabeth was a daughter of James Smith of England, who was a son of James Smith of Scotland 
Smith, Robert (I50725)
4028 Robert Smith was a carpenter by trade, and removed, with his wife Phebe, soon after their marriage, to a farm in Buckingham, on the southeastern line, adjoining the Windy Bush farm of William Smith, where he lived during the remainder of his life. He was the progenitor of the Buckingham family of Smith, which has become very large, embracing many of the most familiar names in Bucks County at the present time and spread over a wide extent of the country. He was not of any known kindred to William Smith, progenitor of the Smiths of Wrightstown. The descendants of inter-marriages between the two families are so numerous, as well as so many marriages of cousins in the first, second, third, and fourth degree, it will be found very convenient for them to have the genealogy of the two progenitors.
In 1738 Robert Smith built a stone addition to his log house, which is yet standing, a good substantial structure, and has been occupied as a dwelling house by six generations of the family. Robert Smith died 6 mo. 26, 1745, leaving a widow and eight children. His death was not only a serious loss to his family, but was also felt very sensibly by Buckingham meeting of Friends, of which he was a highly esteemed member. The first monthly meeting held at that place was 10 mo. 6, 1720, and he was soon after appointed one of the overseers. It was said he was a good man, better known in his own meeting than in the civil affairs of the province. His widow, Phebe Smith, a recommended minister, married Hugh Ely [Sr.], 5,6,1753. Her second husband, Hugh Ely, died 1772. She remained about one year at his late residence, and subsequently lived with her sons Thomas and Joseph. Her death occurred at the old homestead, at the residence of her son Thomas, 1 mo., 1774". (from "The Genealogy of Robert Smith" by Josiah B. Smith, 1885)
Abstracts of Bucks Co, PA, Wills, 1685 - 1785
Page 56. Robert Smith, of Buckingham. 5 mo 15th day, 1745. Proved
September 26, 1745.
Wife Phoebe. Sons Thomas (eldest), Timothy, Robert, John, Joseph,
Benjamin, Samuel, and Jonathan. Thomas and Timothy, exrs. Land, late
Launcelot Gibson's, adj. Eleazer Doan.
Wit: Wm. Blackfan, Jeffrey Burgess, Thomas Ross. 
Smith, Robert (I55299)
4029 Robert Smith's middle initial is N, not H.
The census enumerator's letter N look very much like an H.
Robert died 26 Jan 1884 in Cedar Co., MO.

From the Cedar Co. MO Register of Deaths:
Name: Robert N Smith
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 36
Birth Date: abt 1848
Death Date: 26 Jan 1884
Death Place: Cedar County, Missouri

Kevin West 
Smith, Robert N (I36389)
4030 Robert Smith, m. Jemima/Jemimy (last name unknown) b. around 1750 but could be earlier or later, moved to Bethlehem Township NJ around 1796, possibly a son or relative of a Samuel Smith who moved from New Jersey, Montana Mountain(Greenwich Township) NJ and was a Quaker. Robert had 11 children, most of whom lived in NJ as well. Robert was a farmer and a Blacksmith and owned at least two 150 acre farms. Smith, Robert (I21534)
4031 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I2)
4032 Rockingham County, NC, Record of Wills 1785-1804
FHL Film No. 0518436, Item 1
Viewed and transcribed by Jeri L. Corbitt
Pages 162-163
In the name of God Amen. I Zachariah SMITH of Rockingham County being sick and
weak in body but of perfect Sence and Disposing Memory Thanks be to Almighty
God for the same. Do make and Ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner
and form following Viz:
Impromiss [?] I give and Bequeath unto my son William SMITH my Rifle gun.
Item I give and bequeath unto my son Archibald SMITH Fifteen pounds Virginia
Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Stephen SMITH Fifty Dollars.
Item I give and Bequeath unto my son Jonathan SMITH the piece of Land on fall
Creek in Virginia whereon my father Now Liveth and my Still and to take care
of his mother and my shot gun.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Nancy SMITH one feather Bed and
Item I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac SMITH the one hundred and fifty
acres of Land whereon I now Live.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Betsey SMITH one feather bed.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary SMITH one feather bed.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Salley SMITH one feather bed.
Item my will and Desire is that my Estate be not Appraised.
Item I Lend my Beloved wife Frances my work horses cattle and hogs and at the
Death of my wife to sell the _____ place to be and the money to be Devided
Between William Archerbald and Stephen SMITH-
Lastly, I do appoint my Brother Drury SMITH Executor of this my Last will and
Testament by me made.
In Testimoney whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 19th Day of
May in the year of our Lord 1796.
Sign'd Seal'd and published by the
Testator Zachariah SMITH as his Last will and Testament in the presence of us
and at his Request we subscribe our Names and witnesses thereto
Drury SMITH Zachariah SMITH (Seal)
William SMITH
B. I give and Bequeath unto Thomas MAYS the son of Phebe MAYS My Sister the
Seventy acres of Land his father first Lived on lying in Henry County on fall
Creek Between WITT's line and the County Line.
Zachariah (his X mark) SMITH (seal)
John KING [?] 
Smith, Zachariah (I52706)
4033 Rockingham County, NC, Will Book A (1804-1829)FHL Film No. 0518436, Item 1 Viewed and transcribed by Jeri L. Corbitt Smith, Drury (I52694)
4034 Rootsweb
Letter of Charlie White, dated Feb. 11, 2000 to Jane Beekman contained the following information: George was a bit of an anomaly, for I havent found any records for him in Randolph County, hence I dont know whether he ever lived there. He was living in Overton County Tennessee in 1805 when he gave his power of attorney to brother William Smith concerning their Uncle William Smith's Shenandoah County Virginia estate. He was still in Overton County in Sept. 10, 1822 when his wife Elizabeth filed a dismissal of petition for divorce and alimony from George by her next friend David Smith (probably her son). A subsequent wife, as widow, Nancy deeds as gift to 3 of the heirs of George Smith Sr. all my dower and all other of his real and personal property for $250., otherwisse qitclaims her rights to the estate, and gives Richard, John or George C. Smith possession of the house 1st November next in good order. The deed was signed May 13, 1839, acknowledged Sept. 2, 1839 and recorded in Overtn County Deed F:76. A listing of children give by Tennga S. Conner, Dayton, TN., in an unidentifed Heritage Book which appears to have dealt with Overton and Fentress Counties in Tennessee.

Bath Co., VA. Abstracts, pg. 391 Power of Attorney by George Smith of Overton Co., TN., to his brother William Smith of Bath, to handle any inheritance from William Smith of Shenandoah, Oct. 22, 1806. Witness Robert Kincaid, Charles Dressler, Peter Smith. (William Smith is his Uncle, brother of his father, David Smith).

May 13, 1839 - Nancy Smith - Deed of Gift for Land and personal property as dower and legatee of Geo. Smith Sen. to Richard Smith etals: Know all men by these presents that I Nancy Smith wife of George Smith Sen deceas haith this day bargained and sold all my dower in the Estate of George Smith my husband deceaste in the land and all other of his real and personal property to Richard Smith and John Smith and George Smith Jun three of heirs of George Smith Sen for the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be paid by the heirs of George Smith Sen Deceas and out of the proceeds of the Estate when sold in cash notes and the said Nancy wife and widow of the said George Smith Sen Deceas do forever hereafter give and disclaim any right Title or demand any further intrus in said Estate: and I Nancy Smith for myself haive this day and will forever disclaim any further intres in and in said Estate and I am to give to the said Richard Smith or John Smith or George Smith persission of the hous and in as good repair as hit is at this time and the land I am to take good care of and to give them peaceble possession of hite on the first day of Nov. nexte in as good order as hite is at witness whereunto I hereunto Site my hand and Seal the 13th day of May 1839

Nancy X Smith
her mark

Attest. A Winningham
Howel H. Bryant 
Family F25830
4035 Rootsweb Alexander Smith born in 1747 and maried Keziah Lamar March 17, 1772, achieved above-average wealth and prominence for a citizen of Northwest Randolph. He and Keziah had nine known chldren, all girls and both had significant estate papers; Alexander died in 1828, Keziah in 1838, both in Randolph County. The land division of the estate in 1839 showed that Alexander had owned 400 acres, 350 in Randolph and 50 acres adjoning in Guilford. The nine children, given at Division of Land, Estate of Alexander Smith, Sat., May 27, 1830. The land appportioned to Nelly's heirs and to Verlinda were specified as being in Guilford County; a plat shows that it was all one piece, and the remaining 7 sections were in Randolph County. A 50 acre tract which had been purchased by Alexander Smith from William White was clearly identified in the descriptions. Survey had been done by I Lamb,Dec. 24, 1829. A etition of SEpt. 1829 shows that Jeffrey Horney has died, and Keziah survived him. Elenor is dead (wife of Jonas Rix) ad the heirs are Elizabeth, wife of James Coltrane, Elizabeth, wife of William Hill, Evelina Rix, John Rix and Absolom Rix. Alexander Robbins was the administrator fo the estate of Keziah Smith. In a division of slaves dated Nov. 6, 1839, both Lydia Horney and Kiziah Horney were indicated as widows, and one of Elenor Ricks children, Christina Hill has died, leaving daughters Rebecca and Elenor Hill. Anna Robbins is called Leanna.(Charlie White, 1100 Hanover Drive, Concord, NC 28027 - Feb. 11, 2000.) Family F27248
4036 Rootsweb
Research in Shenandoah County, Woodstock Virginia records, relative to will/estate records/deed of David Smith's brothers, William Smith and Samuel Smith, both dying in Shenandoah. William Smith had no children and left his estate , after specific bequests, to the children of his two brothers, David and Samuel Smith. Samuel's demise is dealt with below; David seems to have died about 1803 in Randolph County North Carolina.

Heirs identified in deeds:
Q:455 Griffin Dobyns and wife Maryann, Bedford Co., Va. Feb. 11, 1809 she being one of the heirs of William Smith, decd. sells Daniel Madeira 1/14th part of 6 separate tracts that William Smith died seized for $128.57.
Q:457, Feb. 8, 1809 William Smith and wife Mary, Bath Co., VA. to Daniel Madeirs, Shenandoah County Virginia for $1, 178.54 sold 11 parts (of 14), of 5 tracts of =331 1/2 A undivided byvirture of William Smith's own right for 1 part as heir and legatee of William Smith decd., late of Shenandoah Co., VA. and by virtue of 9 Powers of attorney,viz:
1. Benjamin Mendenhall and wife Nancy, Randolph Co. NC March 5, 1805 as certified by Jeduthan Harper, Clerk of County Court.
2. Alexand Smith and Joseph Smith, Randolph Co., NC March 5, 1805 as certified by Jeduthan Harper, Clerk of County Court.
3. David Smith, Randolph County NC, Feb. 15, 1806, recorded Bath County Court for further reference.
4. David Smith, Randolph County NC, Feb. 15, 1806, said Power of Attorney given to said David Smith and to said William Smith by virtue of Power of Attorney from Bryan Smith, Guilford County, Dec. 21, 1805, recorded Bath Co., etc.
5. John Smith, Jefferson County TN., Sept. 22, 1806, recorded Bath Co., etc.
6. George Smith, Overton Co., TN. Oct. 23, 1806, recorded Bath Co., etc.
7. George Long and wife Elizabeth, Hawkins Co., TN. Jan. 2, 1807, recorded Bath Co., etc.
8. Edward (Frederick struck out) Wyatt and wife Sarah, Anderson Co., TN., Jan. 9, 1807 recorded Bath Co. etc.
9. William Milikan and wife Eleanor, Grainger Co., TN., March 2, 1807, recorded Bath Co. etc.

of the 14 heirs, 10 are enumerated in the Powers of Attorney held by William Smith, William Smith (of Davids) is 11 and Griffin Dobyns and Maryann are 12. One of the other two is Samuel Smith's son Samuel. Said Samuel Smith, son of (brother) Samuel, is now (and then) deceased. Samuel Smith II's estate records, Shenandoah County, show that Mary Smith and Thomas Davis, with Abraham Bird and John Crookshanks as securities, qualify as administrators, bond date Oct. 3, 1793, Appraisement was done Oct. 10, 1793 and recorded Dec. 11, 1793 by Peter Snider, John Hoe---, and ? Downey. Account of Sale was returned June 10, 1794; Mary Smith was "Smith" purchaser.

From William Smith's Will: (all amounts in Virginia pounds=L)
after substantial bequests to his wife Elizabeth:
My cosen William the son of my brother David (L50, riding horse, saddle, bridle)
Maryann Dawbens the daughter of my brother Samuel (L50)
Demone Williamson widow the cow she has the yous of now
Sarah Wyatt the daughter of brother Samuel (L15)
Alexander Smith the son of my brother David (L15)
William Smith the son of my brother Samuel & Mary Smith (L15)
Jonathan Hall (L10)

In the settlement of William Smith's estate, submitted May 14, 1808 and recorded June 13, 1808, receipts totaled L796 12 2 and balance remaining was L23 18 0 3/4. Each of the heirs above received distributions in 1802, 1803, 1804, and 1805. Other facts from the settlement: March 6 1802, William Hawkins was paid 1 10 0 for making the coffin of Elizabeth Smith, In the 1805 distributions, Samuel Smith II heirs (there were 7) were named: William Smith; Samuel Smith; Anna, wife of David Evans; and William Smith as guardian for Peggy, Clary and Archibald Smith, heirs of Samuel Smith, decd. Two deeds involving these heirs:
P:295 Oct. 6, 1806 - Samuel Smith one of heirs of Samuel Smith decd. Shenandoah Co., VA. to Jacob Hoak, same for L27VA an undivided 7th share of certain tract/parcel where Samuel Sith, father of said Samuel Smith died seized, lying on North River of Shenandoah adj. Lads of Peter Snyder and said Hoak, the entire tract c220A. Said Samuel Smith, his heirs grand and release to daid Hoak, and shall warranty the dower of Mary Smith, widow and relict of said Samuel Smith, decd.
Q:409 March 13, 1809 William Smith, wife Anna, County of Muskingum, OH. and Jacob Hoak, Shenandoah Co., VA. $200US, 2 undivided parts of 7 of tract of land where Samuel Smith, father of Said William died on North River of Shenandoh adj lands of Peter Snyder and said Jacob Hoak, c220A. Signed and acknowledged by William SMith March 13, 1809; didamus awarded to take privy exa of said Anna Smith directed to County of Muskingum.
Research Notes: Copies cannot be made of deed or will books, but the earliest five will books have had original records photostated, and copies can be made from them. Joyce White made copies of William Smith's will and the inventories which were in book E, the last available. The settlement record was in book G, and i had to selectively abstract it because of its length. (Charlie White, 1100 Hanover Dr., Concord NC 28027 - Feb. 11, 2000 - Letter to Jane Beekman). 
Smith, William (I74661)
4037 Rootweb Joseph Smith married Mary Robbins Oct. 6, 1785, bond date, in Randolph County, but extant documents show that this marriage ended by a separation agreement date Jan. 2, 1804. His bondsman was Thomas Beard, Elizabeth's was Joseph Robbins.(L1000 each: Randolph Wills 2:139). I have found no evidence that they had any children. The extreme NW Randolph County area tax list was styled Cpt. Smith's List for 1803, Cpt. Joseph Smith's list for 1804. Joseph died in Randolph County in 1805; Alexander Smith qualified as administrator of his estate in November and submitted account of sles Nov. 19, 1805. the estate was settled Aug. 7, 1810. Joseph witnessed a number of Smith family deeds, carried chain for land grant surveys and owned land near David Sr. and David Jr. on Caraway Creek, near Thomas Lytle. (Mr. Charlie White, 110 Hanover Dr., Concord NC. 28027).  Family F27247
4038 Round Hill area near Hogan's Creek, Caswell Co. NC
Smith, Peter (I53649)
4039 Row 8, section 4, grave 42. Upright grave marker reads, "Co A 85th Ohio." Grave registration card filled out by son Linn T Gregg of Twinsburg, OH. Gregg, Laban H (I79120)
4040 Roy loved to BBQ meat and to fish on the Ohio River., DILL, Roy Franklin (I15)
4041 Roy Thomas Smith, born February 1887 in Johnson County, Texas; died December 1946 in Cleburne, Johnson County, TX; buried Bono Cemetery, Johnson County, TX. On 3 February 1909 in Cleburne, Johnson County, TX, Roy Thomas Smith married Rose Ethel Officer (born 1889 in Boone County, AR; died 1977 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, TX). They had the following children: Roy Thomas (R.T.) Smith, Jr., born 28 Feb 1910 at Cleburne, Johnson County, TX, and died 21 January 1968 at El Paso, El Paso County, TX; Charles Wayne Smith, born 29 June 1912 at Cleburne, Johnson County, TX, and died 17 September 1982 at Carmine, Fayette County, TX; Jess Harold Smith, born 10 September 1915 at Cleburne, Johnson County, TX and died October 1990 at Fort Worth, Tarrant County, TX -- see below; Robert Vance Smith, born 29 June 1918 at Cleburne, Johnson County, TX; Mary Lee Smith, born 27 August 1920 at Cleburne, Johnson County, TX; and Oma Nell Smith, born 22 September 22 1922 at Cleburne, Johnson County, TX. Roy Thomas Smith and Rose Ethel Officer Smith were divorced after 1922, and Roy Thomas Smith may have remarried and had additional children. Smith, Roy Thomas (I37716)
4042 RUBYE Burlison

Rubye Burlison Smith

Rubye Burlison

Rubye Irene Burlison

Children of James and Irene Burlison

Rubye Irene Burlison Smith

Rubye Irene Burlison Smith

Rubye Burlison Smith 
Burlison, Rubye Irene (I00003)
4043 RUBYE Burlison

Rubye Burlison Smith

Rubye Burlison

Rubye Irene Burlison

Children of James and Irene Burlison

Rubye Irene Burlison Smith

Rubye Irene Burlison Smith

Rubye Burlison Smith 
Cunningham, Edith A (I00027)
4044 Rufus Sampson "Sampie" Smith 1851 - 1928 The Douglas Enterprise ... December 14, 1928 SAMPIE SMITH, SR. BURIED LONE HILL ONE OF COUNTY'S PIONEERS SUFFERED 10 YEARS OF CANCER. HAD REMARKABLE CAREER. REARED LARGE FAMILY Another pioneer of Coffee County passed away to his reward last Saturday morning about 2 o'clock when Mr. R. S. Smith, better known as Sampie Smith, Sr., died after an illness extending over a period of years, the deceased suffering of a cancer for about 10 years. Mr. Smith bore his suffering with great fortitude, approached death without a murmur, knowing for several years that the end was not very far away. He remarked to his son, Dr. Smith, about six months ago that he just six months more to live, and on Dec. 20, the six months would have expired. Mr. Smith was born in Appling county on June 18, 1851, making him 77 years old last June. His parents came to Coffee county when he was quite young and most of his entire life was spent in this county. The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. H. Peterson, where he had lived for the past two years, and immediately afterwards the burial took place at Lone Hill church, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. Stokes, pastor of the Lone Hill church. There were many and beautiful floral offerings and a large crowd was in attendance at both services. The pall bearers were the sons of Mrs. J. H. Peterson and the sons of Mr. Sampie Smith, Jr., his grandchildren. Mr. Smith was married 59 years ago to Miss Mary Gaskins, a sister of the late Daniel Gaskins. She survives him. Besides her the following children survive: Mrs. J. H. Peterson, J. Monroe Smith, Mrs. Levi O'Steen, Sampie Smith, Jr., and Dr. John R. Smith. A son, Tilden Smith, died some years ago. The following brothers are living: Isaac Smith, Richard Smith, John Smith, and Tippie Smith. Several grandchildren survive. Mr. Smith was one of the county's representative citizens. He did not care for public office but at one time several years ago, served as county commissioner. He was a member of the K. of P. lodge, and a member of the Methodist church, his membership being at Lone Hill. He lived several miles out from Douglas most of his married life, moving to Douglas about ten years ago where he and his wife resided in west Douglas. About two years ago he and Mrs. Smith moved to the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Peterson. The deceased lived an honorable life, just in all his dealings with his fellow man. He often remarked that he did not want to die owing any man a penny. He died that way. He made his will and took acre of every detail of his property. He had plenty of time to make his plans as he lingered long, but thru all of his suffering he never failed to provide for his loved ones. He made a good neighbor as his closest friends will testify, and will be missed by the people who knew him well. . . . Smith, Rufus Sampson (I19858)
4045 Russell County KY history and families. Russell Co Historical Society
p 311. Hugh's great-great-great grandfather William Smith was born in Virginia in 1784. He married an Indian maiden Margaret Wise in North Carolina. They came to Kentucky and settled in 1818 near Goose Creek in Adair Co, the part that became Russell Co in 1826. William Smith established Friendship Baptist Church, the oldest Russell Co Church in 1818.  
Family F11263
4046 S.L.Smith died in his 1914 Ford truck in 1914 in San Saba Co., Tex. Both are buried in Cherokee City Cem. William Harmon, their son was killed in his 1914 truck in San Saba Co. a week before "Lad" as what he was called. This was just after the San Saba Mob had been stopped by the Texas Rangers. William Harmon was named for his grandfather,but the William was omitted in your report. There were more children born,in SC, and the family worked their way to Texas during the Civil War. Susannah King was the mother's name, The Swift and Hudsons were names in her family.

Beverly Jane Weatherly (birth last name) 
Smith, Samuel Ladson (I75193)
4047 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I3319)
4048 said to have come from New Buckenham Co, Norfolk England  Smith, Henry (I29240)
4049 sailed Mar 26 1835 Smith, Edwin Tilman (I12903)
4050 Salisbury, according to History of Boscawen and Webster NH Family F31839

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