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3951 Samuel C., (curiously left out of this bible record but in the Harris book) Born 10/05/1810 married Jane (both Samuel and Jane died and James Hervey and his wife raised their 3 girls). Smith, Samuel C (I70519)
3952 Samuel Smith IV —first son of Lt. Samuel Smith, III and progenitor of this line in the U.S., and brother of Philip (my line) — ran off to New London and then Virginia with a barmaid in 1664. His wife, Rebecca Smith Smith (dau of the Rev. Henry Smith), was granted a divorce and remarried. His affluent father left him only five shillings when he died. -"The Great Migration" -NEGHS

The Great Migration is another wonderful source put out by NEGHS and where I saw the first reference to their son Samuel Jr (or IV), and first learned that he had not been a good boy, and obviously why he only got five shillings when his father died. He must have been quite a lady's man because he also had a child by another woman -- and this was the 1600s! This reference states: " i. Samuel Smith, bp, Whatfield, Suffolk, 6 October 1625; m. ...Rebecca Smith, daughter of Henry Smith {1637, Charlestown}, but abandoned her in early 1664.....Early in 1664, Samuel Smith, son of [Lt. Samuel Smith] left his wife and left New London, settling in Roanoke and then Carolina. Shortly before his departure he was frequently at the tavern maintained by Humphrey Clay and his wife, spending some time with their daughter, Sarah Clay, who accompanied him when he left town. Just before his departure, Smith boasted of getting Alice (Smith) Tinker with child, although Alice claimed the father was Jeremiah Blinman. [Others] wrote to Samuel Smith attempting to convince him to return to Connecticut, but he refused. Nicholas White visited Smith and found that he had a young wife in Carolina {CT Arch, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Series I, 3:194-210; NEHGR 149-421, 430-32]. Rebecca Smith returned to Wethersfield and apparently obtained a divorce..."-Ginny Alexander 
Smith, Samuel (I25268)
3953 Samuel Smith, the son of Rev. Henry and Dorothy Smith, was born in 1638 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Samuel married a girl named Mary Ensign, daughter of James Ensign and Sarah Elson, in 1662. Mary was born in 1649, in Hartford, Connecticut.

Mary?s father James Ensign, was from Rye, Sussex, England, was the second of your ancestors to make the voyage to New England around 1634. James was at Cambridge Massachusetts in 1634, a freeman in 1635, moved to Hartford in 1639, was a constable in 1649 and 1662, a chimney viewer in 1655 and a townsman in 1656. His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. He was the founding member of 1st Congregational Church, Hartford, and member of 2nd Congregational Church in 1670. His will dated November 23, 1670, with an inventory taken December 23, 1670, valued at 729.2 pounds.

Mary?s 3rd Great-grandparents were Nicholas Tufton and Margaret Hever. Margaret was the daughter and heir of John Hever of Cranbrook, Kent, England. John Hever was a descendant of the Hevers of Kent, the founders of Hever Castle. Walter de Hever, was the first owner of Hever Castle. William de Hever, Sheriff in the reign of Edward I, became owner of Hever Castle in 1270, the year the Gatehouse was constructed. Ownership then passed to Thomas de Hever in 1300, William de Hever in 1340, and in 1360 to Joan de Hever, who married Sir Reginald de Cobham. Passing through eight more proprietors, in 1505 Hever Castle became the home of Sir Thomas Bullen, whose daughter Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII. Upon the death of Sir Thomas Bullen, Hever Castle reverted to the Crown, and Henry granted ownership to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, as part of the divorce settlement in 1540. Hever Castle was magnificently restored by William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor of Hever, a double moat, gardens and a Tudor Village surround Hever Castle today.

Samuel and Mary lived at Northampton, Massachusetts from 1666 to 1680, then moved to Hadley, Massachusetts to care for his widowed mother, Dorothy Smith Russell. Included in the letter referring to his father was the following reference to his stepfather, John Russell: "he was sometimes a little short of ye Charity which thinketh no Evil, at ye least I was wont to think so when his Hand was too heavy on my Shoulders & I remembered ye sweetnesse & ye Charity of my firste Father, but on ye whole said he was a Goode Man & did well by my Mother & her children & no doubt we did often try his wit & temper."

Samuel died September 10, 1703, Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, aged 65, and his wife, Mary died in July 1723, in Suffield, Connecticut, aged 73. 
Smith, Samuel (I24)
3954 Samuel Stanhope Smith (March 15, 1751 – August 21, 1819) was a Presbyterian minister, founding president of Hampden-Sydney College and the seventh president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) from 1795 to 1812.
Born in Pequea, Pennsylvania, he had graduated as a valedictorian from the College of New Jersey in 1769, and went on to study theology and philosophy under John Witherspoon, whose daughter he married on 28 June 1775. In his mid-twenties, he worked as a missionary in Virginia, and from 1775 to 1779, he served as the founder and rector of Hampden-Sydney College, which he referred to in his advertisement of 1 September 1775 as "an Academy in Prince Edward." The school, not then named, was always intended to be a college-level institution; later in the same advertisement, Smith explicitly likens its curriculum to that of the College of New Jersey. "Academy" was a technical term used for college-level schools not run by the established church.Stanhope Smith held honorary doctorates from Yale and Harvard and was a leading member of the American Philosophical Society.
In his work, Stanhope Smith expressed progressive views on marriage and egalitarian ideas about race and slavery. The second edition of his Essay on the Causes of Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species (1810) became important as a powerful argument against the increasing racism of nineteenth-century ethnology. He opposed the racial classifications of natural historians such as Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, and Carolus Linnaeus In this text, his attempt to explain the variety of physical appearances among humans involved a strongly environmental outlook. An example he provides involves "the blacks in the southern states." Smith noted that field slaves had darker skin pigmentation and other "African" features than did domestic slaves, and hypothesized that exposure to white, European culture through their "civilized" masters had changed their anatomy as well.
Smith is also known for his attempt to refute Thomas Jefferson's claim in Notes on the State of Virginia, that there were no great black writers or artists. In it, he attacked Jefferson's disregard of poetic abilities of Phillis Wheatley, African slave prodigy.
Noah Webster cited Stanhope Smith in Webster's 1828 Dictionary in the definition of philosophy. The citation was from Stanhope Smith's second edition of his Essay on the Causes of Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species (1810). The quote as given,"True religion, and true philosophy must ultimately arrive at the same principle.". 
Smith, Samuel Stanhope (I70671)
3955 Samuel was dead by 1830 not 1869. Sorry! This is according to his will and the orphan court after his wifes death is 1834.
Smith, Samuel (I53608)
3956 Samuel's daughter, Jerusha Smith is my 4th great grandmother. Please contact me about her. I need proofs. She was born Mar 1742, and married Amzi (Amzia) Doolittle 1757 and had 10 children. Then she ran away with Amos Marsh and was sentenced to the Stocks when she/they returned. (Warwick History) Since Father Samuel was an Elder in the church he probably disowned her (?) need proof. She later married Amos Marsh lived to be 102 and died in Winchester, NH. She is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery there, 19 Oct 1844. She is FAG #18192045. She is buried in the same cemetery as Amzi and has a humorous stone which states **Wife of Amos Marsh the 1st wife of A. Doolittle** Her grandson Beriah (Berry) Doolittle was at the Battle of San Jacinto in Texas.
My brother, Benton Lanier Stevens 1941-2018, has our paternal DNA line. Please contact me if his DNA would be useful. Nancy Page, DAR Registrar
This brings me to Samuel as a DAR ANcestor. He is listed but Jerusha needs to be proven as a daughter. Please help me.

Nancy Page 
Smith, Jerusha (I20212)
3957 SAR membership application 57037 has spouse as Cornelia Smith Smith, Guy Jr (I46316)
3958 Sarah and her two sons died within days of each other in 1865. Her obituary in the Gospel- Visiter says, “Sister Sarah was a faithful and exemplary member of the church from her youth. Funeral services by Elder Samuel Garber (her brother-in-law) and Michael Emmert” (Michael Emmert’s sister Lydia, was married to Emmanuel Long, half brother to Sarah’s father.) The family died from Spotted fever according to an obituary in the Christian Family Companion., LONG, Sarah (I394)
3959 Sarah is listed as a child of Aaron and Sarah Allen Smith by many researchers based on a marriage record for a Sarah Smith, daughter of Aron and Alexander Holden, son of Benjamin. Was this Sarah Smith Holden childless? Sarah Allen Smith (will dated 3 Sept. 1833) named the children of her deceased son, Aaron, in her will - why not those of her deceased daughter? Why did Aaron not mention her in his will? His was dated and executed before Sarah died. We know there are several Aaron Smiths just as there are several Barneses - is this one of ours?

Many genealogies have Sarah Smith Holden buried along with her husband, Alexander in Ohio. There is evidence the wife of the Alexander Holden buried in Licking Co. Ohio is Sarah Chamberlain, not Sarah Smith.

The Beard-Green Cemetery listing for Alexander Holden and his wife, Sally. Alexander died Sept. 25, 1832 at age 68 years 19 days. Sally died June 18, 1833 at age 70 years 6 months 25 days. The dates don't match for the Sarah listed as daughter of our Aaron and Sarah Smith. Alexander would have been born in 1764 and Sally in 1762. Conversley, adding the age at death to the birthdate given for Sarah, if this was our Sarah she would have died November 8, 1858. Something is off somewhere.

I, for one, am not listing a daughter, Sarah, as a child of Aaron and Sarah Allen Smith until there is further evidence that she even existed.  
Smith, Sarah (I30938)
3960 Sarah J Martin Smith

Birth: 1836
Death: 1913

Burial: Pine Crest Cemetery
Mobile Mobile County Alabama, USA
Plot: Section 17

Created by: Lisa Enochs Davison
Record added: Oct 19, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 43319025
Martin, Sarah Jane (I68245)
3961 Sarah married (2) 5 Jul 1838 Harrison Co,WV to Hamilton Goss.
!Named in husband's will. 
Pulley, Sarah (I01049)
3962 Sarah of Canterbury according to History of Boscawen and Webster NH Family F31840
3963 Sarah SMITH was born 28 Nov 1675 in prob. Burton Bank, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, West Riding, Yorkshire, England, and was baptized 12 Dec 1675 at St. John The Baptist Church, Royston Parish. She accompanied her parents when they immigrated before 1680 to Burlington, in Old New Jersey Province, at 'The Falls' of the Delaware River. She married circa 1703 John PARKE (1676-1757). She died before Nov 1756 in Hampshire (Frederick 'til 1754) Co., Virginia Colony. In 1757 spouse John PARKE was killed and beheaded in Hampshire Co. during the French & Indian War.
Smith, Sarah (I18758)
3964 Sarah Smith was first married to John Hayes. Her bond to administer his estate was dated 5 Sept 1785 with William Smith and Robert Boykin her securities. The state census taken in 1786 for Northampton County lists her heading a household of two males under 21, two females, three slaves. The three Hays grandchildren in Flood Smith's will were hers.
She remarried to Herod Faison (all marriage records are lost for the period) and Herod Faison was guardian of the children. She had additional children by Herod Faison and was still alive when Herod Faison wrote his will in 1815.

Bob Baird 
Smith, Sarah (I16672)
3965 Sarah Smith, b. circa 1859, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, d.1897. Married William Edward PEBODY, 12 Sep 1882. Smith, Sarah (I44701)
3966 Sarah’s husband and daughters are buried at Oak HIll. Assumption is that she is there, too. STINSON, Sarah (I1606)
3967 Sauls? Johnson, Esther (I88651)
3968 saw a record that says marriage state is KY Family F733
3969 saw a tree, unconfirmed, that Sarah Smith is daughter of Edmund Smith m Temperance Woodhull smith, Sarah (I127)
3970 Saw an obituary from DailyDem that seems to indicate Irene's maiden name is Strope.  Family F20477
3971 Saw note that Ann Parke first wife of James Smith , supposedly descended from Daniel Parke and a cousin to Martha (Dandrige) Custis Washington  Family F10945
3972 says Gaston on headstone Smith, Golson (I28450)
3973 Says her resident Hunt County, Texas in 1898 Family F28606
3974 SC Probate Records
Artemus, Sallie - H J Pearson guardian #2019 July 8 1870 
Smith, Artemus (I2669)
3975 SC Probate Records
R Smith Smith, H S Smith guardian ad Litem #3309 
Smith, R S (I2670)
3976 SC Probate Records
Sanford Smith- Mary Smith admrs #1760 July 12, 1822 
Family F742
3977 SC Probate Records - Spartanburg
William (Maj)
John W Smith executor #1765 July 3 1837 
Smith, Major William (I2675)
3978 SC Probate Records -Spartanburg
T W smith
J B Dewberry Admr #4427 May 18 1901 
Smith, T W (I2688)
3979 SC Probate Records -Spartanburg
W R Smith
James Smith Admr #1769 Feb 2 1818 
Smith, William R (I2678)
3980 SC Probate Records Spartanburg
R L Smith
I C Smith, Admr #4029 Jan 26 1895 
Smith, R L (I2706)
3981 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
E E Smith Guardian #3550 Jan 6 1886 
Family F1125
3982 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
Perrry Smith
W C Thomson Admr #2933 Dec 1 1891 
Smith, Perry (I2690)
3983 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
Perry Smith
John Wheeler, Executor #2775 June 10 1858 
Smith, Perry (I2684)
3984 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2710)
3985 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
Robertson Smith
A M Smith and I C Smith, Executors #4510 Feb 9 1903 
Smith, Robertson (I2689)
3986 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
Samuel E Smith
C P Sanders Guardian Ad Litem #1825 Mar 16 1888
(Cotesworth Pinkney Sanders) 
Smith, Samuel E (I2677)
3987 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
William Smith
R W Williams Executor #4047 Mar 11 1895 
Smith, William (I2708)
3988 SC Probate Records- Spartanburg
Willie Smith
Alfred Harris, Executor # 602 June 27 1863 
Smith, Willie (I2685)
3989 SC Probate records- Spartanburg
Wm F Smith
Rosa C Smith, Adr #1306 Sep 14 1855 
Family F1106
3990 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
J B et al,
Eber Bearden Guardian #2521 
Smith, J B (I2674)
3991 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
Lunatic #3355 Oct 14 1881 
Smith, Emily (I2672)
3992 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
Richard B Smith
S F Smith, admr #2559 Nov 28 1864 
Family F1107
3993 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
Rosa C Smith
O Moss, Executor #2440 Mar 1 1862 
Rosa C (I2682)
3994 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
Sallie Smith
H E Ravenel admr #4071 April 4 1896 
Smith, Sallie (I2673)
3995 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
Sarah Smith
J Wm Smith Admr #1624 Sep 2 1844 
Smith, Sarah (I2680)
3996 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
Whiteford Smith
Samuel Lord, Executor #2097 May 1 1893 
Smith, Whiteford (I2691)
3997 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
William (Rev)
Ann Smith -Admrx #1948 July 1807 
Smith, Rev William (I2679)
3998 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
William Smith
Isaac Compton, Executor #1764 Dec 4 1804 
Smith, William (I2676)
3999 SC Probate Records-Spartanburg
William Smith
M M Smith, executor #2522 July 25 1857 
Smith, William (I2683)
4000 Schmidt Lehigh 
Schmidt, Balzer (I25793)

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