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3101 NATU: _SENT [Person] was naturalized <[Date]> <[Place]>. <[Desc]>.
Abraham, George (I79806)
3102 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I60262)
3103 NC State Archives. North Carolina Deaths, 1908-67 Smith, Octavia (I61636)
3104 Need confirmation on the exact children for this John Smith. According to "The Armistead Family" the children of John Smith and Elizabeth Cox are Mary, Lawrence, Mildred, John. p 194 Family F16665
3105 Need proof for all children in this line re: Linda Cheek
Leave children: Charles, Christopher and Judith for Ambrose and Judith--the rest I would remove as leary to early research 
Smith, Ambrose Joshua (I19524)
3106 Need source confirmation on birthdate Smith, Pharabbee (I29140)
3107 Need source for marriage to a Samuel Smith who died Oct 2 1708. In comparing to the Samuel Smith d 1732 who married Elizabeth Ely and is a son of Nehemiah and Lydia Smith, definitely a different person. Source for the latter marriage is from Genealogical History of Rev Nehemiah Smith. Am unable to find a source for Sarah Armstrong, if someone has, please send. Family F1693
3108 Nelson Gates Smith, born 1816, Watertown NY. His father's name appears to be "Jas" from Nelson's death record, but handwriting is difficult to read. Nelson married Mary Hickok, born 16 December 1824 in Hartford, CT, daughter of Barzillai Hickock b 1797 and Harriet Wood b 1794. Nelson and Mary were married 9 August 1841 in Chicago (records lost).

Nelson Gates Smith had a brother Leonard L. Smith who lived in Michigan, and a cousin Chloe Ann Smith who married Simeon Dow, founder of Dow City IA. Chloe had a brother Ezequiel Smith who was an abolitionist lawyer in Cass Co, MI, then Chicago. 
Smith, Nelson Gates (I1264)
3109 Nelson Smith b c 1810 m Jan 16 1837 in Bartholomew, IN, died May 1851 in Shelby, IN. Chloe Ann Cheatham daughter of Christopher Cheatham b 1794 in Chesterfield, VA m Jane Young June 21 1813 died Feb 26, 1848 in Bartholomew, IN

NOTE from Durham page  
Smith, Nelson (I18955)
3110 never married, with Patrick Henry represented Hanover Co VA in House of Burgesses in 1772 Smith, John (I19550)
3111 New Hamprhire Marriage and Divorce Records 1659-1947 Family F17208
3112 New Hampshire birth records 1659-1900
28 Apr 1785 NH
parents Ebenezer Smith and Mehitable Sheafe 
Smith, Jacob Sheafe (I23214)
3113 New Hampshire Birth Records 1659-1900
Mother Hulda Veasey

New Hampshire, Births and Christenings Index
Ethnicity Canadian 
Veasey, Anna (I44513)
3114 New Hampshire Births and Christening Index FHL Flim # 1001041 says
Ethnicity Canadian
Father: Thomas Smith
Mother: Elizabeth 
Smith, Thomas Cushman (I12805)
3115 New Hampshire Births and Christenings
19 Apr 1790
Chesterfield, Cheshire, NH
Father: Benjamin Smith
Mother Lois 
Smith, Benjamin (I44512)
3116 New Jersey Post Revolutionary Documents Calendar of Wills 1786-1790 pg 206
1789, Dec 20 Smith, Elijah o0f Egg Harbor Twp, Glo Co; will of. Sons Elijah & Enoch farm where I live. Son Elijah my meadow on the west side of Egg Harbor River. on Enoch to have the south side joining to Isaack Smith's land, when he is 21. Son Daniel L8 Son Phillip L8. Sons Phillip and Daniel to be put to trades. Daughter Jane goods. Wife Jane 1/3 of my estate. Executors brother Elias and my son Elijah. Witnesses-Joseph Sharp Jonathan Badcock Isaac Smith. Proved June 16 1790

1790 Feb 1 Inventory L132.17.9 made by Joshua Smith and Isaac Smith Lib 31 pg 458  
Smith, Elisha (I33093)
3117 New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (quarterly) 1884 Family F7732
3118 New York Passenger and Immigration Lists 1820-1850
Arrival Date 20 Dec 1845
age 20
Port of Arrival New York
Port of Departure Stockholm
Place of Origin Sweden
Ship Tienchon
Fam ID 90907
Microfilm Roll # 60, serial # M237 
Lilja, Sophia Emily (I73947)
3119 Niceville School

Leonard Douglas Smith


Leonard Douglas Smith

Leonard Douglas Smith

Smith Family at the beach 
Smith, Leonard Douglas (I00002)
3120 Nicholas Smith. Leg.-wife Ann one-half of my estate; other one-half to my grand-daughter, the daughter of Thomas Powell now living in the Province of Maryland and her two children; Nicholas Miller. Extx. wife and grand-daughter.
Book I-195
Prove Date 19 Nov 1695 
Family F1591
3121 Nicholas' will was dated 7-23-1728 and proven 2-25-1730 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He had three daughters, none of whom were named in the will. His wife's or wives' name/s unknown.  
Smith, Nicholas (I57496)
3122 NJ Supreme Court Justice late 1800s Smith, Homer (I29371)
3123 No births recorded in Lewis County 1862-1864 possibly due to the Civil War. Smith, Evaline Christina (I80095)
3124 No births recorded in Lewis County 1862-1864 possibly due to the Civil War. Smith, Margaret (I80166)
3125 No births recorded in Lewis County 1862-1864 possibly due to the Civil War. Smith, Floyd Lee (I79114)
3126 no children Jameson, David (I46059)
3127 no children Smith, Lucy (I62967)
3128 no children mentioned in will Family F27487
3129 no children? Charles Smith Smith, Charles (I16881)
3130 No deaths were recorded in Lewis County during 1863 and 1864 probably due to the Civil War. Curtis, Catherine (I79006)
3131 no issue Family F29195
3132 no issue Family F16643
3133 no issue Family F29214
3134 no issue-on 11 Nov 1751 the estate of Richard Smith was divided "between Francis Bythel Haynes and the brothers of the deceased." Smith, Richard (I57528)
3135 Noah Smith bn 1824 or 1825 Union County PA m Mary/Molly Yarger Stephenson Co IL/Green Co WI

They were married in Green County Wisconsin, just across the state line between Stephenson County IL and Green County WI Other places of residence: Downs, Osborne County KS 1884 to 1890  
Family F6876
3136 Normangee Star Vol. XIX No 50 Octover 22, 1931

In Memory of H. M. Smith
Henry Milton Smith was born in Alabama July 22, 1862. Came to Texas with his parents in 1874 and settled in Madison County where he lived a few years with his parents then moved to Leon County near the place of his death. He was married to Miss Martha Nichols, December 22, 1882. Nine children came to bless their home. Three, one boy and two girls preceded him to the great beyond. Two boys and four girls are left behind to mourn with their mother and a host of neighbors and friends. Mr. Smith died at noon September 22, 1931. After an illness lasting more than 2 years, always bearing his pain and suffering with Christian fortitude. He believed in the truth and goodness of God that he knew would endure forever and that he would endure forever with it. He often told his family and friends that it would be better on the other side where there was no suffering and pain.
Mr. Smith was true for there were those who trusted him. He was pure for the sake of those who cared. He was strong for he had much to suffer. He was brave for he had nothing to fear. Living in the fear of God and at peace with all men. A faithful husband, a kind father, teaching his children the way of righteousness by his daily walk.
Surely a good man has gone from among us to be mourned for not by his family only, but by all who knew him and especially by those who knew him best, by those neighbors who have lived by him for twenty-five years and always found in him a good neighbor, a faithful friend and a loyal
citizen and a good Christian. It makes us remember that we read "blessed is the man that dies in the Lord."  
Smith, Henry Milton (I35502)
3137 North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868
Zacheriah A Smith
Elizabeth Walters
Bond Ddate: 13 May 1824
Wake Co, NC
Calven A Smith Bondsman
Witness B S King 
Family F22136
3138 North or Pipe Creek Hundred, Maryland Ryan, Sarah (I25554)
3139 Norwich CT Vital Records 
Smith, Abner (I17639)
3140 not 100 percent sure of this marriage Family F8467
3141 Not in 1870 Census with son David C. Smith. An inventory was recorded 1 Oct 1857 for a Smith with George T Duvall as Guardian and James Bennett Commissioner. Not sure if this is Elias or not. Smith, Elias (I81646)
3142 Not listed with husband and son in 1860 census. But listed on Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index, 1860. So died in March 1960 at age 78. in Lewis County. Born in state of Virginia. Rhoda (I81739)
3143 not married Family F23738
3144 Not the Robert Smith who married Margaret Bird
That Robert Smith is on the 1840 census for Jones GA , with a George BIRD living next door.  
Smith, Robert E (I63060)
3145 Not the same Benjamin as the Benjamin Harris that married Faithy Smith. Benjamin Smith, son of Thomas Harris and Judith Edwards was dead before 7 Dec 1758 when his only child Mary Harris signed a quit claim in Isle of Wight releasing any claim as 'sole heir' of the property of Judith Edwards Harris that she had inherited from her father Robert Edwards. IOW Deed Bk 10, pg 51. Since this quit claim clearly states that her father Benjamin Harris had departed this life, it is impossible that he is the Benjamin Harris who married Faithy Smith. - Tom King Harris, Benjamin (I66021)
3146 Notables that share a common ancestor in the distant past with us:

Otzi the Iceman who died 3255 B.C. is a G2a2b

Joseph Stalin is a G2a1

Al Capone 
Schmidt, Johann Jacob (I336)
1. NOTATION: George Smith served throughout the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783; his service at the Battle of Oriskany is noted on the monument there. The following story tells of one of his war experiences:
?One of the most interesting traditions of the Smith family is of an episode concerning George Smith known as ?Dare Devil Yerry? Smith. He was a volunteer in the Revolutionary War and a private in the company that fought in the Eastern Colonies for the independence of its country and operated in the Mohawk Valley. He won the name of ?Dare Devil Yerry? because of the following unusual act of personal courage and devotion to the cause of his country.
There was an outpost of his company stationed at Green Bush, N.Y. (east of Albany). At that time it was a dangerous country for the patriots and it was over run by both British and Indians. One of the sentry beats of Green Bush was at the head of a ravine. One of this particular beat was at the foot of an old oak tree, the other terminated at the edge of thick brush. (Ends page 276) There were two reliefs. The first went on at sundown and the other at midnight. A number of fatalities attended the morning watch. When the relief came the sentry would be found stretched lifeless at the foot of the oak tree with his skull cloven by a tomahawk. So numerous were the deaths from this mysterious and always unseen foe that the corporal of the picket [sic] hesitated to detain one of his men for the beat and called for volunteers. The first was George Smith. When midnight came and the relief went on, his comrades solemnly shook hands with him and bade him good-bye. It was in the Fall of the year, the frost had fallen, staining the foliage with the hue of death but in the bracing air young Smith walked briskly to and fro on his beat where so many of his friends had fallen while at the same time he searchingly and seriously scanned the dense undergrowth that almost entirely surrounded his lonely watch and his ears were strained to catch the slightest sound. About 3 o?clock in the morning just at the time when the night is the darkest he detected a slight rustle of leaves in the brush. Turning he saw it was only a hog that was grunting and rooting for acorns and roots. He first saw the animal at the end of his beat that ended in the undergrowth. Later he notices for his nerves were strung to a high tension that the beast was gradually working around toward the oak tree. Then followed a companion rooter. Something in the appearance [sic] of the animals aroused the suspicion of Smith and bringing his flint lock musket to this shoulder he cried, ?Halt, who goes there?? The hogs grunted and moved on. ?Halt? repeated Smith ?or I fire be you man or devil? and as the porkers did not stop he pulled the trigger and one fell to the ground. Quickly reloading he commanded the second to halt and when it did not, he fired and brought this one down. The two shots brought the corporal of the guard hurrying to the spot. When asked what he had shot Smith rather sheepishly pointed to the two dead hogs. One of his companions ran to the supposed dead hogs and then exclaimed, ?Why they are not hogs but Indians.? This was the explanation of the murdered sentries. Disguised in the skin of porkers the Indians had worked their way to the oak tree and as the sentinel would turn on his beat the redskin would (Ends page 277) spring to his feet and sink his was hatchet into the head of his unsuspecting victim.
The daring displayed by Smith won for him the name ?Dare Devil Yerry?.?
George?s widow, Hannah (Hall) Smith, applied, in 1837, for a widow?s pension based on his lengthy and distinguished war record; the pension was denied due to insufficient documentation of his military records. Depositions were given by Henry Smith, George?s brother, Jacob Snell, a fellow soldier, and Hannah, herself, corroborating George?s service, yet, the pension was still denied; Hannah died the following year, 1838, aged 80. Edited by Mary Helen Eppright Jones and Lorena Start Jersen; Published by The Remsen-Steuben Historical Society, Remsen, NY 13438
2. NOTATION: The said GEORGE SMITH, who resided during the American Revolutionary at PALATINE TOWNSHIP, MONTGOMERY CO. NEW YORK, AND STEUBEN, NY assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of DRUMMER, SERGEANT, 1st LIEUTENANT. My ancestor's services during the Revolutionary War were as follows: a) Captain Christopher Yates Co., 1st New York Regiment
b) Captain. Nicholas Righter's Co. of Palatine District; c) Sergeant, Regiment of Militia - Battle of Oriskany; d) Battle of Montreal, Klock's Field Battle, Johnstown Battle; e) Drummer in Captain Christopher Fox's Co. of Palatine District; f) Regiment of Militia; g) 1st Lieutenant of Captain Nicholas righter's Co. ; Reference: 'BLOODIED MOHAWK' by Fort Plank Historian Ken D. Johnson; RWPA # S9741; R#9741, Genealogical Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, Vol III, Virgil D. White.
3. NOTATION: Baptized 14 Oct, 1749
4. NOTATION: Fought along side General Herkimer in the Battle of Oriskany. His name is on the Oriskany Monument.
5. NOTATION: Today, July 18, 2009, I visited the graves of George and Hanna Smith in Steuben Corners Cemetery, on Cemetery Rd in the Town of Steuben. I was shown there by Mary Helen Jones, of the Holland Patent DAR Chapter (and Steuben Memorial Society.). I took photographs, said a prayer and was touched by standing before the Smith's grave. Their graves are in the back left corner of the cemetery. It looks on the gravestone that he died in 1814.
Smith, George (I49355)
3148 Note different dates for Findagrave vs DAR record Smith, Dow (I36154)
3149 Note discrepancy on death on SSDI from what was provided by
descendant, though the month matches and it's within a year
and the month and year of death and location matches:

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 about Evelyn Seedorf
Name: Evelyn Seedorf
SSN: 121-32-1649
Last Residence: 14209 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA
BORN: 17 Dec 1912
Died: 15 Feb 1998
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1957-1959)

Grace, Evelyn M (I65892)
3150 Note discrepancy on death on SSDI from what was provided by
descendant, though the month matches and it's within a year
and the month and year of death and location matches:

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 about Evelyn Seedorf
Name: Evelyn Seedorf
SSN: 121-32-1649
Last Residence: 14209 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA
BORN: 17 Dec 1912
Died: 15 Feb 1998
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1957-1959)

Grace, Evelyn M (I65892)

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