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3051 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Abraham Smith 215 acs Augusta Co on the SW Side of Beaver CR adj his own land and Henry Smith 16 Aug 1756 p 198 25 shill 
Smith, Abraham (I42952)
3052 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Deaths Buckingham Co VA 1853
Chesley Smith age 72 died March born Buckingham County, unmarried son of Robin Smith, information from Gabriel Smith, nephew 
Smith, Chesley (I42962)
3053 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
John Smith 400 acs Augusta co on a br of Roan Creek Riv called Goose Cr on the side of Smiths Cr near the Mouth of the lick Br 16 aug 1756 p 215 40 shill 
Smith, John (I42953)
3054 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 29
Abraham Smith 280a Augusta Co on the Head of Beaver Cr, bounded by a Hill on the E side of a Great Spring , a line of one Makam's Survey dp 284 12 Jul 1750 
Smith, Abraham (I42973)
3055 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 29
Patrick Smith 452a Prince George Co on both sides of Jones Hole Sw bounded by henry Mitchell's line, Bobbit's Br, Pittoloe's line 99a formerly g unto Daniel Melone 31 Oct 1716 353a the Residue never bef g p 369 10 Apr 1751 
Smith, Patrick (I42972)
3056 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 33
charles Smith 400 acs Albemarle Co on Hiccory Cr 15 Dec 1758 p 523 40 shill  
Smith, Charles (I42969)
3057 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 33
George Smith 19 1/2 acs Dinwiddie Co in the Fork of the Cattail Run and Moncoesneck Cr adj Bennet Kirby 28 Sep 1758 p 497 5 Shill  
Smith, George (I42968)
3058 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 33
John Smith 400 acs Lunenburg Co on the brs of Louse Cr adj James Little, William Rodgers, William Manfield and George Pittilo 19 Aug 1758 p 463 40 shill  
Smith, John (I42966)
3059 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 33
Richard Brown, 420 acs Brunswick Co 20 Sep 1758 p 489 10 hill, 250 acres part being formerly grt Richard Smith 22 Feb 1724/25 PB 12 p 167 in Surry Co on S Side of Rockey Run of Moore's Sw) .... 
Smith, Richard (I42967)
3060 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land patent book 33
Robert Smith 115 acres York Co on Hays Br adj Thomas Presson, Daniel Moore, Robert Wise and Hay/Hays 8 May 1758 p 435 15 shill  
Smith, Robert (I42963)
3061 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Land Patent Book 33
Thomas Smith 400 acs Halifax Co on both sides of Banister Riv at the mouth of Allens Cr adj William Murphy/Murphey & Fearies 2 June 1758 p 446 40 shill  
Smith, Thomas (I42964)
3062 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
Robert Smith 380 acs Augusta Co on the Buffalo Draft on the S side of the North River, adj James Beard 16 Aug 1756 p 218 40 ahill 
Smith, Robert (I42954)
3063 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 34 #2
William Smith 324 acs Brunswick Co adj Walker, Gilliam, Bland, Cook & John Daniel 15 Aug 1756 p 238 35 shill 
Smith, William (I42955)
3064 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 37 no 1
Mecklenburg Co Deed Book 26
p 148 dated 18 Jul 1833 recorded 15 Sep 1834
William T Smith of Lincoln County, Tennessee, to my brother Jno R Smith of Granville Co NC, power of attorney to convey 4 lots in Clarksville. mentions will of James Smith (IS THIS WILLIAM T KIN TO SAMUEL HENRY SMITH of AL?) 
Smith, William T (I48260)
3065 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 4 #4
Charlotte Co VA Deed Book 1782-1787
p 313: 2 Jan 1785 Mary Dudgeon to Thomas Lorton off Charlotte for 100 pounds land lying in Charlotte county to be sold by Mary Dudgeon agreeable to a will of Richard Dudgeon deed, and containing 48 acres. Land bounds Cub Creek, Lorton, Caldwell and Fuqua.
Signed Mary Dudgeon
Witnesses Jas Dudgeon, Valentine V (his mark) Smith and Saml Clark Recorded 4 Jul 1785 
Smith, Valentine V (I42644)
3066 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 40 #2
June 5 1809 Monday page 3, married on Thursday last (ie 1 June 1809) in the city of Washington, by the Rev E T Mccormack, Mr John Smith to Miss Catharine Way, both of this place. 
Family F15218
3067 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 40 #2
March 12, 1810 Monday Page 3, Married on Thursday Evening the 7th inst ie 7 Mar 1810 at Fredericksburg, VA, by the Reverend Samuel Wilson Mr Thomas A Smith of Dumfries, to the amiable Miss Priscilla T Short, of Carlton (Alexandria, VA) 
Family F15221
3068 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 40 #2
May 13, 1809 Saturday, Page 3, Married at Winchester on the 27th April ie 27 Apr 1809 Fleet Smith, attorney at law of Leesburgh, to Miss Jane Holliday, daughter of the late William Holiday 
Family F15217
3069 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 40 #2
Sep 22 1809 Friday page 3, Married last evening ie 21 sep 1809 by the Rev Mr Waters, Mr Thomas Mount, to Miss Sarah Smith, daughter of Mr Joseph Smith, all of this town (Alexandria, VA) 
Family F15219
3070 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 42 # 4 p 289
Charlotte County Deed Book 5 182-1787
p 114 15 Oct 1784 Robert Smith Sr and Sarah his wife of Charlotte to Robert Armistad of Campbell County for 20 pounds land lying in Charlotte County on Turnip Creek containing 423 acres. Land begins near a corner on the creek near Joshua Morrer's ? fence.
Signed Robert Smith
Witnesses: Edward Robertson, Halcomb Robertson, John Robertson, and Wm Armistead Recorded 7 Feb 1785 
Smith, Robert Sr (I42642)
3071 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 43 #2
June 3 1826 Saturday p 3 married. On Tuesday evening last ie 30 May 1826 by the Rev Dr Wilmer, Jacob Morgan Esq of Alexandria to Mary Jacquline, daughter of Col Aug j Smith of West Grove, Fairfax Co, VA.  
Family F15559
3072 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Volume 42 #4
Charlotte Co, VA Deed Book5 1782=1787
p 123:3 Aug 1784 William Atwood of Charlotte for 30 pounds to John Smith of Prince Edward a Negro wench named Suck about five of six twenty (?) years of age known by the Witness. In trust to bound William Atwood to pay John Smith fifteen pounds with interest from the date the above obligations to be void, or else to remain in full force power and virtue. Signed William Atwood, Witnesses: Jonathan Smith, Mary Rakestraw, and Patsy Grigg.  
Smith, Jonathan (I42643)
3073 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy-Land Patent Book 19
William Cliffe, 400a Hanover Co, bounded by Ambrose Joshua Smith, James Roache, Col Meriwether & Mr. John Thompson p 713 20 Aug 1740

Michael Holland 400 a Hanover Co W side of the Little Mountains, bounded by Timothy Dalton Jr & Ambrose Joshua Smith p 858 1 Dec 1740

Ambrose Joshua Smith 4372a Hanover Co both side of Pritties p 994 Cr bounded by Capt Martin, David Watts, Gooch's and Hickman's line. Rippon, William Coursey, Thomas Ballard, John Mackdaniel & Dr Tulloh. 1200a formerly g to sd Ambrose Joshua Smith 18 Aug 1735 the residue never before g p 995 1 June 1741 
Smith, Ambrose Joshua (I19524)
3074 Maggie's was born 9-20-1856 Harris co Georgia and died 4-2-1932 Columbus Georgia. She was my 2nd great grandmother from her daughter Carrie Belle Holt Jones. My grandmother ,daughter in law of Carrie Belle Holt wrote this in a family bible that she gave me in 1972.

Jennifer Jones Page 
Cardwell, Maggie Sophronia (I37844)
3075 maiden name may have been Cotton Dorothy (I23)
3076 Maiden name unconfirmed, possibly Worthington Warrington, Lydia (I51797)
3077 Maj. John SMITH was born on 12 Sep 1624 in Lancaster, England. He became the guardian of the orphans of Col. Samuel Matthews about 1670. He died on 14 Apr 1698 in Gloucester, Virginia.

[Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume I IV--Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons]

John Smith came to Virginia about 1652, married Anna Bernard, daughter of Richard Bernard, of "Purton," in Gloucester county. He was a major in 1665, lieutenant-colonel before 1674, and sided with Sir William Berkeley in 1676 against Bacon. 
Smith, Hon. John (I19534)

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The article as it originally appeared.
September 25, 1971, Page 34
The New York Times Archives
SMITHTOWN, L. I., Sept. 24—Malcolm E. Smith, who had been a prominent real‐estate broker in New York 40 years until his retirement in 1965, died at his home here yesterday. He was 89 years old.

Mr. Smith, who was a mem ber of a family that founded Smithtown under a patent from the British Crown in 1665, operated a real‐estate firm un der his own name at 185 Madi son Avenue.

He leaves his wife, the for mer Helen LeRoy Miller: a son, malcolm Jr.: a daughter, Mrs. William L. Clay Jr.: a sister, Mildred Smith, and six grand children. 
Family F31219
3079 Mar 1867 Lewisham 1d 860-BMD Family F24136
3080 Mar 1905 Faversham 2a 1229-BMD Family F24144
3081 Mar 1931 Edmonton 3a 876-BMD reference Family F24129
3082 Mar 1951 Dartford 5b 1002-BMD Family F24135
3083 Mar 1964 Essex S W 5a 412 Family F24131
3084 Mar 1967 Sittingbourne 5f 1347-BMD Family F24148
3085 March 1740/41 Obadiah, joined by his wife Constant Woodson sold some land in Goochland County-
Tidewater Virginia Families Vol 4 #4  
Family F15133
3086 March 2, 1797. Joseph and John Newberry Smith purchased land together in Paris, Herkimer County, New York. A descent of John Newberry Smith has already done the Y-DNA37 test ( 72010 ) ! Joseph Smith married Sarah Newberry. Elisha Smith married Elizabeth Newberry. Elizabeth and Sarah were daughters of Jonathan and Elizabeth Newberry. Saratoga County, In 1806 a deed recorded, list Elisha and Joseph Smith and wives living in Paris, Oneida County, NY, to settle the estate of Jonathan Newberry. Not sure what happen to Elisha Smith. Or if and how he connects to Joseph Smith. It appears that this family originally came from the Balkans. Joseph Smith was living in the town of Green, Chenango County, NY 1810. Also Nathaniel Newberry and Elisha Smith. And at least a possible connected to Joseph (Mormon ) Smith throw Newberry marriage anyway - Smith (I106850)
3087 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I66281)
3088 March 26, 1791. Will of William Smith. Proved in August Court, 1791. To son Moses Smith all the land that I have. To daughter Elizabeth Edmundson 1 Negro and she is to pay for the sd Negro in 6 months. Executor to sell the rest of the estate and divide the money among the following children: Catherine Harris, the said Elizabeth, Judah Harris, Mary Powell, Ann Harris, and Lucy Powell. Witnesses: Samuel Brazington, Thomas Shaw (his mark). Executor: Peter Smith, Sr. (Gen. Abstracts of Wills, 1758-1824, Halifax County, by Margaret Hofman). Family F17479
3089 MARCUS D. SMITH, son of Septimus and Clarissa Smith, was born in Wells, Rutland Co., VT, in 1817, and came to Perry, Wyoming Co., NY in infancy with his parents. He was married in 1841, to CAROLINE O. GRAHAM, of Perry, NY, formerly of New York City, by whom he had four children, three of whom are living. Mr. Smith built the first hotel at Silver Lake, now a part of N. Saxton's hotel, in 1860, and managed it two years.(In) 1850-54 he was in the employ of the New York Central Railroad Company, as conductor and timekeeper in their shops. He has been a produce dealer and general speculator, but has never aspired to hold any office. Smith, Marcus (I54774)
3090 Margaret Ann Smith born 5 Dec 1868 in Albany, Missouri, daughter of Henry W. and Julia (Rauner/Rouner) Bare, both born in Kentucky. Widow of George Smith. Died 3 June 1945 at the home of her daughter Verna Hibbs, aged 76y 5m 28d. Buried in Grandview East Cemetery.

Survived by three daughters: Mrs. Hibbs, Mrs. Lettie Wright of Denver, Missouri and Mrs. Woodie Krumboltz of Ames, Iowa; a son Orville Smith of St. Joseph, Missouri; five sisters: Mrs. Venie Bray and Miss Ida Bare of Los Angeles, California, Mrs. Gussie Ruhl of Kansas City, Missouri, Mrs. Hattie Collins of St. Joseph, Missouri and Mrs. Katie Bell Murphy of Albany, Missouri and three brothers Charles E. Bare of Los Angeles, California, John W. and Lewis W. Bare of Albany, Missouri. 
Margaret Ann (I93298)
3091 Margaret Smith m Victor Craig Family F33315
3092 Maria Barbara Loesch? 1744-1827  Hison, Barbara (I54405)
3093 Maria Stalcop's Journey to Sweden and Return
By Edward Smith*
July 2010

Stalcop, Maria (I23626)
3094 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F28920
3095 MARR: _PRIM Y
Family F28952
3096 MARR: _PRIM Y
Family F29789
3097 MARR: _PRIM Y
Family F29275
3098 MARR: _PRIM Y
Family F29337
3099 MARR: _PRIM Y
Family F29685
3100 MARR: _PRIM Y
Family F29687

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