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2901 Kate Smith, b. 6 Aug 1861, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, d. 1939. Married Frederick HALL, 1885. Smith, Kate (I44702)
2902 Katie Martin?  (I12065)
2903 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I52690)
2904 Kelley family material and oral history..

It was said Joseph's wife poisoned him, took his land and married again. 
Family F28483
2905 Kenneth Cook's Halifacts
1785 Greene Co GA deed- Peter Smith Sr of Sullivan Co, NC (later TN) 
Smith, Peter (I50470)
2906 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I90474)
2907 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I8611)
2908 Kentucky Death Records
Henry Clay Smith
7 Dec 1922
Hopkins, KY
b Jul 18
Father's name Peter Smith
Mother's name Katie Seiglor 
2909 Killed at Battle for South Mountain, Bromborough, VA  McGeorge, Lawrence (I82850)
2910 Killed at Bunker Hill Smith, Willis (I513)
2911 Killed at the Battle of Raymond, 12 May 1863. Smith, William Harlan (I30388)
2912 killed by accident Smith, Charles (I46883)
2913 Killed by Indians Smith, Obadiah (I18401)
Attempt to Flag Down Leavenworth Car Is Fatal to Frank H. Smith, of Garnett.
In a frantic effort to flag an interurban car before it struck an automobile wrecked on the track, Frank H. Smith, of Garnett, was killed instantly Saturday night at Leavenworth.
Mr. Smith, who. was owner and manager of the Frank H. Smith, Plumbing Company here, had been a passenger in the wrecked car which he tried to save. The driver of the car was Lee Marks, of Leavenworth, a second cousin of Mr. Smith. Besides Mr. Smith, Mr. Marks had with him his wife and child.
Directly behind Mr. Marks was a second car, in which were two other Marks children and friends. A third car followed. The children were being taken home from a Halloween party, and the two cars carrying them were near the Marks home when the fatal accident occurred. While about to cross the tracks, Mr. Marks held out his arm to signal a turn into the driveway of his home, which is adjacent to the interurban line. The second car slowed up, but the third car, driven by Frank Tallot, of Lansing, went around it, crashing into Marks' car and knocking it on the tracks.
Mr. Smith and Mr. Marks managed to get out of their car and saw the interurban approaching. Both ran a short distance up the track and waved their hands in an effort to attract the attention of the Motorman. The interurban was bearing down rapidly, according to witnesses. Mr. Marks leaped from the tracks as the car struck Mr. Smith and hurtled into the wrecked automobile in which Mrs. Marks and the child were pinned.
The automobile with the men and child was dragged a considerable distance before the motorman was able to bring his car to a stop. The county coroner was called and found the mangled body of Mr. Smith beneath the center of the interurban. Mrs. Marks and her child were badly injured and were taken into the Marks home. Funeral services for Mr. Smith were held Tuesday afternoon at the Community here. The Rev.
The active pallbearers were Clyde Sutherland, John K. Bowman, Tom Hurst, W. E. Bates, DeWitt M. Stiles and Clarence Case. Honorary pallbearers were J. Q. Wycoff, I. G. Simmons, L. C. Page, Avery Smith, W. B. Yerkes and Horace Beauchamp.
Relatives of Mr. Smith who came from a distance to the funeral were the Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Wimmer, of Iola; Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Smith and Mrs. A. G. Carpenter and son Robert, of Rosedale; Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Campell and Elmer Campbell of Maloy, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Campbell, of Lenox, la.; the Rev. and Mrs. W. N. Wimmer, of Manhattan; the Rev. Guy Wimmer, of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Neal Wimmer, of Shawnee, Okla.; Mrs. Garland Hammond of Locust Grove, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Hodge, Roy Hodge and son Carl and daughter Doris, Willis Hodge, Mrs. Mary Hodge and Miss Lois Baley, all of Lawrence; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Manning and daughters Ruth and Betty, of Moran; Lee Marks, Miss Jean Tennyson and Ed Tennyson, all of Leavenworth.
Some of the friends who came from out of town were Edgar Towns, of Leavenworth; I. W. Bailey and John Durst, of Ottawa; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Butler and baby and Mrs. Frank Mann, of Kansas City, Mo.; Ralph Arundale, of Chicago.  
Smith, Frank Hyland (I22799)
2915 Killed by the Indians at Bloody Brook in 1696. This was in King Phillip's war.  Smith, Thomas (I9871)
2916 Killed in action at the Battle of Guilford Court House during the Revolution. -Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia Davenport, John Smith (I41956)
2917 Killed in action during battle
of Milkens Bend. Sergeant J.H. Smith 17th Texas Infantry was wounded in the battle and died. Additionally, JHS's mother is named Gann and the Gann family have a long and illustrious history. Lt. Nathan Gann fought with NC militia at battle of Kings Mountain.

Tom Smith
Dripping Springs, Texas

Thomas Smith 
Smith, John Hancock (I46387)
2918 Killed in an automobile accident after attending Memorial Day picnic at son, Roy Dill’s, home. BURKS, Lucy Elizabeth (I16)
2919 Killed in Civil War Smith, Albert Redford (I105504)
2920 killed in railroad accident at the U of Alabama Smith, Herbert Huntington (I46885)
2921 Killed in War of 1812 Smith, Thomas (I105325)
2922 KY Land Grant
175 Acres
Book E-2
Survey Date 7 Feb 1834
County Barren
Watercourse Marrowbone
p 726 Vol 1 part 1 Kentucky Land Grants
Smith, William Jr (I32168)
2923 Land deed to George Smith c 1720 in Halifax Co NC  Smith, George (I511)
2924 land in Prince William County Family F710
2925 land patent - Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 32 No 1 p 93- Charles Grimes and Samuel Smith 391 a Norfolk Co SW L adjoining the ad Grimes and Smith at Bare Quarter, bounded by Capt Willis Wilson's line, North West Riv 14 Feb 1756 p 672 40 shill Smith, Samuel (I42553)
2926 Land Patent- Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol 32 #1
Tobias Smith 330a Augusta Co on the Waters of Roanoak on a r of Buffalo Cr 10 Mar 1756 p 712 35 shill (this page torn) 
Smith, Tobias (I42554)
2927 Landgrave Thomas Smith came to SC in 1684.  Smith, Rt Hon Thomas I (I46915)
2928 Large Monument to Smith Family In Loving Memory of Jonathan Smith Circa 1794-1859 Wife Emma Westduck Schofield Circa 1805-1852 Married: 1825 in KY Son of Guy and Arabella Richardson Smith Their Children Albert G. 1827 KY Sarah 1830 KY Polina 1832 MO Guy 1834 MO James Franklin 1837 MO Mary 1841 MO Jonathan F 1842 MO Emma 1845 MO Margaret 1847 MO Arnetti 1852 MO Missouri State Senator 1838-1842 Jonathan buried at Mt. Vernon, MO Emma Westduck buried in Bonne Terre Born: VA, moved to Nashville, TN 1807, Bonne Terre 1830, Mt. Vernon, MO 1852

Erected by: Arthur A. Smith 2010  
Smith, Johnathan (I51507)
2929 last recorded document showing her still alive in 1827. It is not known when she died. Mills, Elizabeth (I1122)
2930 Last summer my wife and I visited Wilkes-Barre, PA to find proof that David and Betsey (Stark) Smith of West Pittston, PA were the same David and Betsey (Stark) Smith of Colchester, CT because his gravestone in West Pittston indicates David was born in 1748 and the Colchester vital statistics say David was born in 1744. In the Bishop Library just north of the Osterhaus Library we found the Susquehanna Company deed for David Smith dated 1773 stating David was from Colchester, CT. The librarian said copies are in Hartford, CT. Pennsylvania did not recognize the Susquehanna Company deeds as valid because William Penn was given the latest charter from the Crown of England for the land of Pennsylvania that included the land between the north and south parallels of Connecticut which was first chartered to Connecticut from the Crown of England connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Pennemite Wars resulted in the Pennsylanians burning the houses of Connectict Yankees along the Susquehanna River before and during the American Revolution. Major Zebulon Butler asked Gen'l George Washington to be relieved of his commission during the Revolution to defend the property of the Connecticut Yankees from the Pennsylvanians. Washington agreed and released him of his duty. From "A History of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, PA" p991, David Smith and a dozen other men volunteered to man Wintermute Fort a few miles north of Forty Fort. Wintermute Fort commanded by Lt. Elisha Scovell, 7th (Exeter) Company, 24th Regiment surrendered to a much superior British and Iroquois force without a fight two days before the massacre and surrender at Forty Fort July 3rd, 1778. On p.1037, David and Betsey's house was burned. Their livestock were taken. Betsey and daughter Nancy ran into the woods. Three year old Shubal, eight year old David Jr and another Smith child were taken by the Iroquois.

We did not get to attend the DAR conference, but we have proved to ourselves that our David Smith was born in 1744 in Colchester, CT and is therefore a descendant of Reverend Nehemiah Smith through John and Temperance (Holmes) Smith in "Reverend Nehemiah Smith and Descendants - 1889" pp 75-76 . The David Smith that signed up as an ensign in Hartford may or may not have been our David Smith, but he did participate in the American Revolution by volunteering to man Wintermute Fort against the British even though his superior surrendered. 
Family F9486
2931 Last victim of a cholera epidemic Tussing, Christina Magdalena (I44427)
2932 later went to Northumberland County Smith, Thomas (I22963)
2933 Lawrence Irvin Fisher was actually the genetic/biological son of Alexander Denis Vasilatos. Because Lawrence's mother Gladys was merely 15-16 years old, at that time of Lawrence's birth, it was somehow decided that it would be Glady's (nee: Parmentier)'s mother Alta Mae (nee: Casey) who had remarried to Charles F. Fisher, that would adopt Lawrence I. Fisher, her grandson, and raise him as her son. Subsequently, there are two birth certificate's in the State of Washington for Lawrence I. Fisher. (One showing his biological father as "Bacilatos" which was actually "Vasilatos" ... and the other showing his grandmother Alta, and her 2nd husband Charles F. Fisher, as Lawrence's birth parents).

Name: Unnamed Basilatos
Birth Date: 3 Jul 1916
Sex: Male
Race: White
Father's name: Alexander Basilatos
Mother's name: Gladys Parreutier
Image Filename: 1046

January 03, 1920 Federal Population Census:
Lawrence Irvin (Vasilatos) Fisher was in Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington with Charles F. Fisher, wife Alta Mae (nee: Casey), and Edith (age 18) a step-daughter to Charles F. Fisher. Edith was born to Alta and her first husband, Melvin Emerson Parmentier thus Edith would be a younger sister to Gladys, Larry Fisher's biological mother.

1930 Federal Population Census:
Lawrence Irvin (Vasilatos) Fisher was in Manford, Creek County, Oklahoma along with his grandmother/adoptive mother/biological mother's mother and her second husband Charles "Charley" F. Fisher while visiting his brother George Fisher.

1940 Federal Population Census:
Lawrence Irvin (Vasilatos) Fisher was in Seattle, King County, Washington residing at 3909 Greenwood Avenue with his wife Maryan (nee: Atwood) and 3 year old daughter Joan Mary Fisher.

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 about Lawrence I Fisher Name: Lawrence I Fisher:
Birth Year: 1916
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Washington
State of Residence: Washington
County or City: King
Enlistment Date: 26 Feb 1943
Enlistment State: Washington
Enlistment City: Tacoma
Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: Grammar school
Civil Occupation: Checkers
Marital Status: Divorced, with dependents
Height: 64"
Weight: 151"

Soc Sec Num: 534-07-6038.
He has conflicting death information of 13 Mar 2001 and Sequim, Clallam, Washington, USA.  
(Vasilatos) Fisher, Lawrence Irvin (I30348)
2934 LDS film 1272119, Rennerod church records  Family F35844
2935 LDS film 1272119, Rennerod Church records  Family F35845
2936 LDS film 1272119, Rennerod Church Recs.;Ortsfamilienbuch/Rennerod p.620  Family F35843
2937 LDS film 1272120, p165, #64, Rennerod cath. Church records; LDS film 1272125, Rennerod civil records Family F35848
2938 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I71552)
2939 Leaving this Sarah Smith here since she's listed, wrongly in the "Descendants of Nehemiah Smith" but actually appears to be the daughter of George Smith.

" Sarah is the child of George, she remained in New Haven and married a New Haven man and was married by Matthew Gilbert as were ALL of George's daughters and wive's 2nd marriage. "-Clark Messina Genealogy 
Smith, Sarah (I38620)
2940 left at least four sons John, Guy, Constantine, Lawrence - member of the convention of the clergy that assembled at William and Mary in 1719. Smith, Reverend Guy (I42755)
2941 left no issue Smith, Francis (I93355)
2942 left no issue Smith, Francis (I93355)
2943 Leftwich Smith, Thomas B (I73784)
2944 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I42524)
2945 Leila Kutler
b c 1870 Bermuda
Arrival Date 29 Jan 1925
Port of Departure Hamilton, Bermuda
Ship Name Fort S George
Port of Arrival New York, New York 
Smith, Lila (I64925)
2946 Letter dated 18 Mar 1882
From Maysville, AR
By Robt F Wyly to Chief Bushyhead
Re: Isaac N Smith, a white man, who obtained a license and married the daughter of James P Aurdrain in Jan 1869. Audrain and Smith were both reported as intruders about that time. They both applied before the proper court and Audrain was readmitted, Smith getting a Certificate of Citizenship. Recently, Smith's wife died and he came forward and obtained letters of administration on her estate and filed a bond. Audrain now asks to have the Letters revoked upon the ground that Smith had, at the time of his marriage, a living wife in Texas from whom he had not been divorced. A transcript from the records in Texas showed that Smith was divorced from a wife there in 1873.
- Ridge Runners 1976 
Smith, Isaac N (I41801)
2947 Lewis Rowland- bondsman Witness J Rice
North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 Bond # 000157903 
Family F37517
2948 Lexington Intelligencer, February 27, 1909

Judge Smith Dead

After a protracted illness Judge Joseph F. Smith died Tuesday night at 9:30 from old age and general debility. He was in his eighty third year.

Judge Smith was a pioneer of this city and for many years was one of its most prominent citizens. At one time he was a director of the Commercial bank and he served for several years as a county judge. He was a prominent number of the local Episcopal church and took an active part in religious work.

During his entire life, Judge Smith bore the respect and esteem of his acquaintances and his reputation for honor and integrity was high.

During the last part of his life Mr. Smith has lived at his home on East Main street. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Price had care of his house and during his last illness attended him faithfully. His wife died many years ago. His brother, Coleman Smith of Butler, arrived Tuesday night to attend the funeral. His niece, Mrs. Anna Trigg of Kansas City, had been here for several days.

The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Episcopal church. Interment in Machpelah. 
Smith, Joseph Fry (I79964)
2949 Likely London Smith, George (I69405)
2950 Linda Cheek's Smith Wills-Deeds and Family Histories p 528
"Col John Smith (s/o Rev Guy SMith) Bapt 3 June 1701 m Ann Bowker. Lived St Pauls Parish, Hanover Co VA m 2nd Susanna Ralson.
Issue of Col John and Ann Bowker Smith
John Smith b 23 Sep 1720/5? m Elizabeth Hopkins
Bowker SMith b 31 March 1723 Gloucester Co VA m Judith Cox who d 1768 Bedford Co VA
Guy Smith m Ann Hopkins
Frances Smith m William Hudnall
Robert SMith
Thomas SMith m Nancy Lawrence McGeorge
Elizabeth Smith m John Hook
William Smith m Elizabeth Parker Furgeson (?) see Bowker Smith
by 2nd wife?
Ralph Smith
Philemon Smith m Nancy Alshire 
Smith, Col John (I42784)

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