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101 Canadian Censuses Marriage Certificate (Marie Schmidt to Otto Dittfach) The story of Marie Schmidt's illegitimate child is quite interesting. An affair with a reported Danish "nobleman" out of wedlock, Marie refused to abort the child, then travelled by ship from Europe to Argentina to have the baby. It is unknown who the father was, or why she travelled so far while pregnant. She then travelled to New York a couple years later with her baby, and married an Otto Dittfach (short-lived marriage). Subsequently, moved to Ontario and gave Otto the boot. Dittfach, Mary (I68423)
102 Cornelius SMITH WAS b. 23 Dec 1783 on Swearing Creek, Jersey Settlement, North Carolina Colony, d. 10 Oct 1837 in Brazoria Co., Texas Republic; m. 1 Jan 1803 Elizabeth 'Betsy' ROBERTS b. 1785 in Kentucky Co. (Pulaski Co. aft 10 Dec 1798), Virginia, d. 31 Aug 1859 in Brazoria Co., Texas.

Cornelius took his growing family from Tennessee to the new Republic of Mexico in 1824 (it had just achieved independence from Spain) in response to a free-land offer by Stephen Austin. He had cajoled the new government of Mexico to increase their population by granting land to US settlers in the area of Coahuila Y Tejas (later Texas) and it gained the appellation of "Austin's 300", for the number of settlers (actually more like 280-some).

On April 20, 1824, Cornelius SMITH, along with his father-in-law William ROBERTS and a group of colonists were at the home of James Britton 'Brit' BAILEY when Josiah H. BELL read the Constitution of 1824 and heard their oath of loyalty to the Mexican government.

Cornelius? Mexican land grant of 1 league and 1 labor (4,605.5 acres) was dated August 7, 1824 and was approved by Estevan F. AUSTIN (Stephen F. AUSTIN) August 10, 1824 after it was surveyed. The actual acreage was 4,587.096 acres. Cornelius? father-in-law, William ROBERTS, was also an 'Old 300' colonist. William?s land adjoined Cornelius? on its southern boundary. William sold half of his 5,312.13 acres to his son, Andrew (28 Dec, 1824), and the other half to his son-in-law, Cornelius (27 Dec 1824), for $150.00. This brought Cornelius? land holdings to about 7,243 acres.

NOTE: By Mexican law, each family received one league 4,428 acres of pasture land and one labor 177 acres of irrigable farm land. They paid $190 in fees to the state, the land commissioner, the surveyor, and for writing the deed about four cents per acre! Austin's plan to rebuild the family fortune was thwarted by laws that prohibited the empresario from charging fees. His reward was 23,000 acres of land as a "premium" for each 100 families he settled. Austin located most of his premium land for his first contract along the Brazos River in Brazoria County. 
Smith, Cornelius (I31326)
103 D Smith
Residence: Tattnall County, Georgia
Enlistment Date: 31 Aug 1861
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Georgia
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 31 August 1861.
Enlisted in Company B, 61st Infantry Regiment Georgia on 31 Aug 1861.
Received a disability discharge from Company B, 61st Infantry Regiment Georgia on 8 Jan 1863.

61st Infantry Regiment [also called 26th Regiment] was assembled at Charleston, South Carolina, in May, 1862. It was formed by using the 7th Georgia Battalion as its nucleus. The men were from the counties of Irwin, Tattnall, Brooks, Bulloch, Montgomery, Bibb, Quitman, and Wilkes. Ordered north in June, the unit arrived at Petersburg, Virginia, with 1,000 officers and men. During the war it was brigaded under Generals Lawton, John B. Gordon, and C.A. Evans, Army of Northern Virginia. It participated in many conflicts from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, went with Early to the Shenandoah Valley, then fought in numerous engagements around Appomattox. This regiment sustained 36 casualties at Gaines' Mill, 63 at Second Manassas, 114 at Sharpsburg, and 100 at Fredericksburg. It lost thirty-seven percent of the 288 at Gettysburg and sixty-five percent of 150 at Monocacy. The 61st surrendered with no officers and 81 men, of which only 49 were armed. Its commanders were Colonel John H. Lamar; Lieutenant Colonels Charles W. McArthur and James Y. McDuffie; and Majors Peter Brenan, Archibald P. MacRae, Henry Tillman, and James D. Van Valkenburg.  
Smith, Daniel Harrison (I23468)
104 Died before his father did; see probate; Source: A Quaker Will, by written out by Dorothy Hardin Massey Cecil County, Maryland Wills - Liber AA folio 135: "1708, I William SMITH of Cecil Co. in the Province of Maryland" complete text.  Smith, William II (I66041)
105 Eastry in Kent, Smith, John Marklew (I66752)
106 Family Bible states her name as Lydia Daw.

Amy K. 
Daw, Lydia (I36732)
107 Father was ? married to Margaret Waits

We do not know Alexander's fathers name nor why his surname was Smith, his brother was George Fisher. 
Smith, Alexander (I27416)
108 first marriage to Catherina Zehtner b abt 1705 d about 1744 second marriage to Juliana (possibbly Ana of Hanna Julianna) LNU (possibly Ortmann) b unknown d after 1779 John Smith aka Johann, Hans Schmidt arrived in Savannah GA on 17 Feb 1736 with the 3rd Salzburger Transport with first wife Catherina Zehtner and child Barbara Schmidt Family F13510
109 Gould Smith who was also from Stamford and married to Esther Keeler Smith. This can be found in the book Genealogy of the Families of John Rockwell, of Stamford, Connecticut- (Ami Rusling)  Family F28193
110 He had a brother William W. Smith, b. ca. 1792, N.C. and d. ca. 1856, Franklin Co., Miss. We think their Father was Nicholas Smith, B. ca. 1765, Cumberland Co., Miss. and d. aft 1840, Franklin Co., Miss. Nicholas was in Moore Co., N.C., Franklin Co., Ga. and Franklin Co., Miss.
Stephen Smith, b. 1798, (Franklin) Co., Ga. and d. ca 1876, Rankin Co., Miss. md. Nancy Holcomb, b. 1803, S.C. and d. ca. 1870, Rankin Co., Miss. Md. 21 Apr 1821, Franklin Co., Miss.-Dewey James 
Smith, Stephen (I22131)
111 He wrote a book in 1890 "HELPS to THINKING"..on the Realities and True Teaching of the Scriptures Smith, Allison Woodville (I68892)
112 His descendant,Stephen Learned (generation 11) believes that Joshua was fathered by a Smith male, given Stephen's Y markers. Some similar Smith Y markers are observed in New York or mid-Atlantic area, not New England. Hence the conclusion that Joshua was fathered by a Smith male, plus the fact that third cousin Gary Learned has same Y markers. Joshua married Harriet Knight in Smyrna in 1848. Harriet was born in Philipston, MA., in 1808. She was three months pregnant at the time of marriage and 16 years older than Joshua. They moved to Winterset, IA., 1854. The marriage broke up c.1858-1860. Joshua lived in Centropolis Township, Franklin County, Kansas in 1860. Harriet lived in Athol, MA in 1860.  Learned, Joshua (I6650)
113 His father name is unknown, but according to the US Federal Census mortality schedule for James F. Smith, his father was born in Ireland. Smith, James F (I50060)
114 Hulbert Bateman Smith was born on November 02, 1855, in Brasher Iron Works, St. Lawrence, New York and died on February 20, 1911, in New York, at the age of 56. Hulbert married Ella C. Orton, daughter of Joel and Elizabeth Orton. Ella was born in December 1856 in New York and died on May 18, 1882, at the age of 25 years 6 months. Ella is buried in Moira Cemetery, Moira, Franklin, New York. In 1880 Hulbert and Ella are living in Moira, Franklin, New York. Hulbert is a farmer.

After Ella?s death, Hulbert married Sarah Elizabeth LaFleur, daughter of Frank LaFleur and Amelia Duquette, in New York, in 1886. Sarah was born in October 1865 in South Bombay, Franklin, New York and died in 1906 in Moira, Franklin, New York at the age of 40. Sarah?s father was born in Canada ?French? and her mother was born in the New York. Hulbert and Sarah are buried in Moira Cemetery, Moira, Franklin, New York.

In 1900 Hulbert Smith was living next door to his parents Daniel and Susan Smith in Moira, Franklin Co., New York. He was working as a day laborer. He owned his home. Hulbert completed the 6th Grade.

In 1910 Hulbert B. Smith is living in Moira, Franklin, New York. He is a widow. Hulbert is a farmer. Living with him are his sons Arthur (13) and Howard Smith (6). Also living with him are John Gavey (8), James Gavey (6), and Harold Gavey (4).

In 1913 Frank and Helen are living at 15 Deport Street, Potsdam. Frank is working at a laborer. George is working as a driver and Arthur is working as a laborer and both live at 6 Waverly Street, Potsdam. By 1915 George is married to Lena Clough. Arthur and Howard are living with them at 107 Market Street, Potsdam. George is working as a laborer in a laundry and Arthur is working as a brush maker. Howard is in school. The 1919 Potsdam Directory has Frank and Helen living at 16 Clinton Street and Frank is working as a laborer. George (working as a driver), Howard (a student), and Arthur all live at 109 Market Street, Potsdam, New York. 
Smith, Hulbert Bateman (I1196)
115 I was able to date back only to James M Smith (B: 3 Aug 1832, D: 3 Sep 1896). James was a blacksmith and had a shop in Burlington, Mineral county, West Virginia. The current post office of the town stands where his shop once was.  Family F18074
116 In 1815 he was living in Cotaco Co(now Morgan)AL. His will was probated 16 Sep 1854 and lists children and spouses, among them Christopher, Elizabeth, Pleasant, Tallitha, Joseph, Sarah,Polly, and Phereby.  Rowland, Robert (I53572)
117 it looks like his father was George Washington Smith born in 1785 in Va or NC and died in 1859 in Polk co Ga and his mother was Mary Ann Tyner born in 1780 and died in I believe 1791 in Alabama. I am still searching for more records to prove this but I am fairly sure they were his parents.  Smith, David (I18496)
118 James Sterling Smith served in the "3rd Missouri Infantry, CSA, ... mustered into Confederate service from units of the Missouri State Guard, near Springfield, Mo. in January 1862. The Missouri State Guard had served with distinction at the battles of Boonville, Lexington, Wilson's Creek and others".

As the 3rd Missouri Infantry in Confederate service, the unit fought at the battle of Pea Ridge and was instrumental in saving the Confederate Army from total destruction by Federal forces. In 1862, the 3rd Missouri Infantry was transferred east of the Mississippi along with other Missouri units to fight (for the next three years) separated from their homes and their state. While serving east of the Mississippi, the 3rd Missouri and other Missouri units formed the Confederate Missouri Brigade. The Missouri Brigade participated in the battles of Iuka, Corinth, Champion's Hill and the siege of Vicksburg during 1862 and 1863.

1864 was a difficult year for the Army of Tennessee and the Missouri Brigade. The hard fought battles of the Atlanta Campaign, Alltoona and finally the disastrous Battle of Franklin Tennessee in November 1864, nearly destroyed the 3rd Missouri and Missouri Brigade. At Franklin, Tennessee alone the Brigade suffered over 60% casualties in a little over one hour of combat.

1865 proved to be no better for the 3rd Missouri Infantry. Sent to the defense of Mobile, Alabama, the Missouri Brigade manned the defense of Ft. Blakeley. As they awaited the largest Federal assault of the war, the Missouri Brigade mustered only 400 survivors of the 4000 men who had crossed the Mississippi River three years earlier. Powerless to stop the Federal onslaught on April 9, 1865, the once proud 3rd Missouri with the Missouri Brigade was overrun. Those who managed to escape soldiered on for another month, finally surrendering in late May of 1865.
Smith, James Sterling (I21892)
119 Lawrence Anderson Smith was born at Curdsville on February 21, 1842. All his life he was known by his initials, L.A. Smith. Nineteen years old when the Civil War broke out, he enlisted in Company B of the 25th Virginia Battalion. (This was a Richmond unit, so perhaps he was in Richmond in the spring of 1861.) He served in this battalion throughout the entire war. On March 13, 1864, when he ws probably home on leave, he married Paulina Pool. She was 15 years old, an orphan, and came from Lunenburg County 25 miles south of Curdsville. I don't know how they met. When Lee surrendered, L.A. could easily walk home in a day from Appomattox to Curdsville. After the war he returned to Buckingham, but in the late 1870s he bought a farm at Ca Ira in central Cumberland County. Ca Ira is on the Willis River four miles west of Cumberland Courthouse: a lovely spot in the shadow of Willis Mountain. L.A. and Paulina had nine children, although one died at birth. Then Paulina died, on December 5, 1884. L.A. took a second wife, Alice Gilbert, and had nine more children with her -- 18 in all. I have been able to identify 14 of them. Ten of them were still living at home in 1900. Sometime before 1920 Alice died and L.A. sold the farm and moved to Farmville, where he lived with is son Morris. L.A. Smith died in Farmville on April 10, 1925. He is buried at Grace Episcopal Church in Ca Ira. 
Family F29363
120 Lawrence Smith, the eldest son of Constantine Smith, was born about 1755, so he was only 15 when his father gave him Bowker Smith's former land in Goochland County. After Constantine became a minister and (apparently) sold the plantation in King and Queen, Lawrence left for Goochland. But he stayed only a short time, selling the land on Lickinghole Creek and moving on across the James River to Cumberland County. He found a wife there, Catherine Montague, a daughter of Thomas Montague. Thomas had moved with his family a few years earlier from Middlesex County on the lower Rappahannock to the area of Cartersville, on the south bank of the James in Cumberland. Lawrence and Catherine moved a few miles to the southwest and established a farm about halfway between Cartersville and Cumberland Courthouse. They had at least seven children and lived on their farm until both died in 1834. 
Smith, Lawrence (I52140)
121 Nathaniel Burwell of York County, and ELIZABETH SMITH bond 19 April 1786. Consent by JOHN SMITH, JR., father of the bride. John Smith bondsman, Samuel Kelsick witness and Mary Kelsick witness. See the will of bride's father, JOHN SMITH JR., proved 5 June 1797 and recorded in WB#9, page 72. Family F10720
122 Note: Some sources have his death in Dinwiddie VA but probably refers to a different Abraham Smith  Smith, Abraham (I26221)
123 Now we come to my ancestor's Nicholas Smith, born 1660 Middlesex Co., Virginia, d. 1734, Gloucester County, Virginia and his son called Captian Nicholas Smith and whom I call Captian Nicholas Smith Jr. born Abt 1680, Virginia and died Aug 1757, in Essex County, Virginia. and Captian Nicholas Smith's son Nicholas Smith, who is not my ancestor. He is also found in Virginia records as Nicholas Smith Jr., I call Nicholas Smith III, just to keep my Nicholas' stright. On begining the Essex Co., Virginia Nicholas Smiths, Mr. Coleman states right off the bat that this line is traced from a pedigree. Not his research. he is a compiler.

Just who did this pedigree is not stated, but it is at this point that my ancestor Captian Nicholas Smith Jr. of South Franham Parish, Essex Co., Virginia and his son Nicholas Smith III gets mixed up. The family information for Captian Nicholas Smith Jr. is given to his son Nicholas Smith III, also at times in Virginia records called Jr.=B Levanti 
Smith, Nicholas Sr (I34601)
124 Pioneer Families, Clay Co KY 1769-1969
p 42 Organization- Earliest Court Orders
April the 13th 1807
In pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of Kentucky, approved the 2nd day of December 1806, erecting a new county out of the counties of Madison, Knox and Floyd-called and known by the name of Clay, the justices named in the commission of the peace from his Excellency Christopher Greenup, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky met at the house of Robert Baker, Esquire, and there the said commission was produced and read, appointing Ezekiel Smith, John Haddocks, John Gilbert, John Bates, Robert Baker, Elijah Bowman, and William Strong, Justices of the Peace for the said county of Clay; whereupon Ezekiel Smith, Esquire, administered to John Gilbert, Esquire, the several oaths in support of the constitution of the United States and of this state as well the oath of office; and the said John Gilbert, Esquire, administered the several oaths to Ezekiel Smith, John Bates, Robert Baker, Elijah Bowman and William Strong, Esquires. 
Smith, Ezekiel (I41998)
125 Samuel was born ca. 1813 in Rockingham Co. VA. He died Feb. 6, 1886 in Rockingham Co, VA. His mother?s name was Elizabeth, I believe his father?s name may also have been Samuel. I also believe he had two sisters. One may have been Susanna Smith who married Alexander Spitzer on June 14, 1839, the other may have been Mary Polly Smith who married Benjamin Golladay on September 6, 1836. Samuel married Sarah Ann H. Cooper, Sept. 9, 1834, and had 13 children all born in Rockingham Co. VA Smith, Samuel (I38298)
126 Smith Willie
Gerald Smith, Sr. Age 84 Years, Of New Orleans, La. On Tuesday, July 3, 2001 In New Orleans, La. He Was
A Native Of Coalgate, Ok And A Resident Of Klin, Ms Before Moving To New Orleans, La. He Was Of The
Baptist Faith. He Was A Mason With The Fordoche Lodge In Louisiana And A Past Supervisor With Boh Bros.
Construction Of New Orleans, La. Husband Of The Late Margie Villere Smith. Fa- Ther Of Willie G. Smith,
Jr. Of Chalmette, La., Lloyd L. Smith Of Franklinton, La And The Late Curtis A. Smith. Also Survived By
2 Grandchil- Dren And 1 Great Grandchild. Son Of The Late William Levy And Ethel Gilliam Smith. Brother
Of The Late Eliza, Doler And Avril Smith, Verta Faye Ferson, Ody Mae Le- Febvre And Joyce Smith.
Visitation Will Be Held On Thursday, July 5, 2001 From 7:00 Pm Until 10:00 Pm At The Ed- Mond Fahey
Funeral Home In Bay St. Louis, Ms. Funeral Services Will Be Friday, July 6, 2001 At 11:00 Am From The
Edmond Fahey Funeral Home Chapel In Bay St. Louis, Ms. Burial Will Follow In Gulf Coast Memorial Cem-
Etery In Bay St. Louis, Ms. Edmond Fahey Fu- Neral Home In Bay St. Louis, Ms. Is In Charge Of
Family F5815
127 Starke Smith was the youngest of the four surviving sons of Lawrence Smith; he was born about 1798, according to census data. Since he could not expect to inherit any land, he decided to justify the family name by becoming a blacksmith. He established his shop in the vicinity of Curdsville, in southern Buckingham County (now on US 15), about 25 miles southwest of his father's farm. His wife's name was Mary, but I don't know her last name. The 1850 census lists five of their children; there might have been one or two others who had left home by that time. Starke was still living in Buckingham County at the time of the 1870 census; I don't know exactly when he died.
Smith, Starke (I80161)
128 This group of Smith families had homes on Swearing Creek, part of the Jersey Settlement that is today's Lexington, Davidson Co. After Andrew's death Sarah married Thomas GADBERRY II, of Salisbury, Rowan Co., 04 May 1805 in Rowan Co. and had five more children, all in Barren Co., Kentucky. I can provide a PDF file of descent from English immigrant Andrew SMITH c.1677. ---- Incidentally, Jersey Settlement did take its name from the two dozen or so West New Jersey Colony families who re-settled there in the mid-1700s, some removing from an earlier settling in Virginia Colony, and others coming down directly from New Jersey Colony in response to family reports. Being on the Great Wagon Road from Pennsylvania Colony to Georgia, it was a growing community that attracted many settlers from elsewhere as well. Family F14537
129 This story is true in all details that are under my control - as written by Benjamin William Smith.

My Great Great Grandfather Smith; a Carpenter and painter from Dublin in Ireland. Benjamin Smith married Eliza Powell at Galway in 1835 - were they had 11 children. she in turn was a direct descendent of Lord Walpole, the first Prime Minister of England. Benjamin and Eliza arrived in Australia on the "Hydaspes", or "Hudaspes", owners Shaw Savill and Albion, London, England. Captain - Edward S Babot. Hydaspes 2092 tons. Sailed Plymouth 25/8/11851. and Arriving Adelaide 27/11/1851.


Occupation: Carpenter ,Painter from Dublin.


Marriage: 1821, Galway Ireland


Marriage: 1835, Killaloe, Galway, IRL 
Family F13657
130 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I13597)
131 [ West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.] Thomas, James (I77082)
132 [was Burlington] Smith, Andrew 'immigrant' the 1st (I17869)
133 !

!Harrison Co,WV county records. My Lowther Family by C T Lowther. 
Lowther, William (I01171)
134 !

!Overwharton Parish Records, Stafford Co.,VA.
James Stark of Stafford County Virginia and His Descendants Compiled by Mary Kathryn Harris and Mary Iva Jean Jorgensen. 
Stark, Jeremiah (I00156)
135 !

!Overwharton Parish Records, Stafford Co.,VA.
Peter`s daughters Nancy and Molly were married in Amelia Co.,VA. 
Knight, Peter Senior (I00176)
136 !

!Pioneers of Old Monocacy, Frederick Co.,Md. 1721-1743 by Tracey and Dern. 
Saur, Maria Benedictina (I02869)
137 !

!Source-My Lowther Family-by C.T. Lowther. 
Lowther, William (I01212)
138 !

!Source-My Lowther Family-by C.T. Lowther. 
Welbury, Eleanor (I01213)
139 !

Ancient Families of New Haven,Connecticut by Jacobus.

Arrived in Charlestown,Mass in 1634. 
Charles, John Reverend (I01298)
140 !

Northampton Co.,VA Court Records.

Vol 1-Virginia's Eastern Shore by Ralph T. Whitelaw. 
Tilney, Margaret (I02046)
141 !

Northampton Co.,VA Court Records.
Vol 1-Virginia's Eastern Shore by Ralph T. Whitelaw. 
Gelding, Eleanor (I01326)
142 !
Samuel died at age 73.
History of Long Island by Thompson, SCW 
Hallett, Samuel (I03076)
143 !
Film 22,152 Deed page 161. Estate settlement Bk. A and B, pages 167,168,169, York Co., PA.
Film 387,946, Baptisms, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, York Co.,PA. 
Funk (I02024)
144 !
Film 22,152 Deed page 161. Estate settlement Bk. A and B, pages 167,168,169, York Co., PA.
Film 387,946, Baptisms, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, York Co.,PA. 
Hay, Adam (I02023)
145 !
Film 22,152 Deed page 161. Estate settlement Bk. A and B, pages 167,168,169, York Co., PA.
Film 387,946, Baptisms, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, York Co.,PA. 
Schultz, Anna Maria (I02016)
146 !
Received patent in 1667 for 525 acres on Chesapeake Bay.

Northampton Co.,VA Court Records.

Vol 1-Virginia's Eastern Shore by Ralph T. Whitelaw. 
Elizabeth (I02042)
147 ! 1610 Thomas emigrated to Jamestown, VA on ship Swan. Garnett, Thomas (I03510)
148 ! 6 Jun 1716. Deed- 4 Mar 1716-Book 7, page 198-99, Richmond Co., Va, Thomas Kendall deed to William and Elizabeth Combs Kendall, all personal estate.
Thomas transported about 24 Aug 1664, went to Lancaster County, VA. Goffs/Goughs quarterly Vol XI, No 3, 1992. 
Goff, Martha (I00375)
149 ! Adam`s first wife was Jane Fleming, married 9 Sep 1808. Van Camp, Adam (I00521)
150 ! Baltimore County, MD land records Liber 67:191-Liber 71:128; 133; 147; 138.
Robert purchased land in 1716 of 48 acres from Ebenzer Blackstone which he called Green's Lot, this was part of Burnham's Forest. In 1723 Robert purchased 50 acres from Henry Pergoy and wife which he called Green's Purchase (IS,I-folio 128.

Will-Probated 1 Jul 1774 names son Moses to have "Green's purchase"of 50 acres.if he dies land to go to son Solomon. Solomon is willed 48 acres ( probably the same called Green' Lot). The widow is named, Susannah, and another son John. The last two are to be executors. Thje Will is dated 25 January 1750, 24 years brfore he died. ( B3,folio 296) Witnesses are, Samuel Sellors, Bert and John Serjant. These records are from a Microfiche #6018327 Green Family of Baltimore Co., Maryland, Prepared by Margaret E. Hook, Mary Washington Chapter.
Charles Gambrill wrote an account of his life (unpublished) in which he said the Greens came from England to Pennsylvania where they tilled the soil. 
Green, Robert (I03202)

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