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Matched Group Kit/Type Early Ancestor Migration Path
GRP-R-M269-18 Branch: GRP-R-M269-18-34 / YDNA     George Smith b 1725/1730 IRE (2. Willis 3. Millington ) IRE>NC>IL>AR
Branch: p4IM5T18022422 A900255/FF/AUT     George Smith b 1747 VA m Elizabeth Earls 2 Sarah Eggers 3 Cleveland Eggers VA>NC
Branch: cpsWr5J6vX / SendPic                                            George Smith b 1748 NY
Branch: T0HIklJv4w /Tree Only SendPic    George Smith b 1748 NY m Hannah Hall NY>NY
GRP-R-M269-123 Branch: GRP-R-M269-123-1 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1770 VA m Silvey ? > TN VA>VA>TN
Branch: o0NiPY18102540 /FF/AUT  SendPic    George Smith b 1780 Rockbridge VA m Mary Thompson VA>VA>VA
GRP-R-M269-92 Branch: GRP-R-M269-92-2 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1793 d c 1845 Union SC m Ellender SC>SC>SC
GRP-R-M269-10 Branch: GRP-R-M269-10-5 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1808 SC m Elizabeth SC>SC>SC
GRP-R-M269-18 Branch: GRP-R-M269-18-11 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1815 TN m Selia Boyett TN>MO>TX
GRP-I-M223-1 Branch: GRP-I-M223-2-11 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1821 Fentress TN m Judith Garrett TN>TN>TN
Branch: 7AUPM3TZF9 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1824 IN m Rachel Ann Perkins IN>IL>IN
Branch: DucVML18030527 /FF/AUT  SendPic    George Smith b 1825 IN m Rachel Perkins IN>IL
Branch: Fjvt1L2AXD /Tree Only SendPic    George Smith b 1832 Suffolk ENG ENG>ENG
GRP-R-M269-85 Branch: PlCEOFj4Gz / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1844 MS m Melinda J Hickman MS>MS
GRP-R-M269-85 Branch: GRP-R-M269-85-1 / YDNA     George Smith b 1844 MS or AL m Melinda J Hickman MS>MS>MS
GRP-R-M269-85 Branch: GRP-R-M269-85-2 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1844 MS or AL m Melinda J Hickman MS>MS>MS
Branch: kMVDTqnKXL / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b 1848 ENG ENG>TX
Branch: uUfzBdrCIN713 /FF/AUT  SendPic    George Smith b before 1784 TN m Mary Snyder NC>TN
GRP-I-M253-13 Branch: GRP-I-M253-13-1 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b c 1618 ENG m Sarah Bourne (2 John 3 John) ENG>CT>CT
GRP-I-M253-13 Branch: fpxIqmGdC1 /FF/AUT     George Smith b c 1618/19 England m Sarah ENG>CT
GRP-I-M253-13 Branch: OYfClLE7c1 /FF/AUT     George SMith b c 1618/19 England m Sarah ENG>CT
GRP-R-M269-172 Branch: Kg8A3l18024153 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b c 1770 England m Maria
Branch: bZCT6RwOVq713 / YDNA     George Smith b c 1774 England m Elizabeth ENG>NY>NY
GRP-R-M269-130 Branch: GRP-R-M269-130-1 / YDNA  FF/AUT     George Smith b c 1814 PA m Rosanna Gump PA>OH>MI
GRP-I-M223-1 Branch: GRP-I-M223-2-01 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b c 1821 Fentress Co TN m Judith Garrett TN>TN>TN
GRP-R-M269-1 Branch: GRP-R-M269-1-6 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b c 1856 TN m Malinda M Gotcher 2 Owen 3 Vance TN>AR>AR
Branch: xsMNFkIp5q / YDNA     George Smith b c 1882 MO MO>UT
GRP-R-M269-172 Branch: vlUJxYKyn3 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith b London Eng m Mary ENG>ENG>ENG>Canada
Branch: SrbeuAnHDq / SendPic                                            George Smith b NY? > Canada
GRP-R-M269-72 Branch: GRP-R-M269-72-1 / YDNA     George Smith b Plymouth, Eng.; d c1662 Great Bay, NH m Temperance NH>NH>NH
Branch: mcFnwRG8eP /FF/AUT  SendPic    George Smith c 1849 CAN m Rachel Seevers CAN>CAN>CAN
Branch: oJjAepy6S4 /FF/AUT  SendPic    George Smith d 1675 MA m Mary French ENG>MA
GRP-R-M269-34 Branch: Nueoiv18081608 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith Jr b 1795 TN m Nancy Winningham
GRP-R-M269-34 Branch: 4UtfZl18081924 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith Jr b 1795 TN m Nancy Winningham
Branch: Y8Idz60kfG / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith KY m Neoma Chambers KY>OH
Branch: rzKv3EuOVs / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith m Eleanor Linn PA>PA>OH
Branch: GJvgMnqsxN / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith of Aberdeen Scotland SCT>NY
GRP-I-M223-5 Branch: GRP-I-M223-5-17 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith, b 1618 in West Haven, CT; d 1662 NY
Branch: zthcBngVpx713 / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith, b. 1808, London, England m Mattie Warrie ENG>NSW
Branch: gPuLNSxDwT / YDNA  SendPic    George Smith, b.c. 1821, Salford, England ENG>MO
GRP-R-M269-53 Branch: GRP-R-M269-53-11 / YDNA     George W Kent b 1808 NY NY
GRP-R-M269-83 Branch: GRP-R-M269-83-3 / YDNA  SendPic                                        George W Simpson b c 1884 TN d 1943 TX TN>TX
GRP-R-M269-83 Branch: GRP-R-M269-83-4 / YDNA  SendPic    George W Smith aka George Simpson b c 1884 TN d 1943 TX TN>TX
Branch: Tv6xgmwla1 / YDNA     George W Smith b 1800 KY m Nancy ? KY>AL>AL
Branch: ovYVq2Qmdk /FF/AUT  SendPic    George W Smith b 1814 KY m Virginia C Buster KY>MO
Branch: XcuT0B17035744 / YDNA  SendPic    George W Smith b 1836 ME m Lucy Henderson ME>ME
Branch: tciEeyIxhg / YDNA     George W Smith b c 1835 GA m Nancy Shirley GA>AL
Branch: yYAHhd9a1G /Tree Only SendPic    George Washington Smith b 1784 NJ m Phoebe Smith NJ>IL
Branch: I4ATj217115645 /Tree Only SendPic    George Washington Smith b 1835 m N Shirley GA>AL>TX
GRP-R-M269-133 Branch: GRP-R-M269-133-1 / YDNA  SendPic    George Washington Smith b 1848 GA m Nancy Coleman Johnson GA>AR
Branch: DeowBxkz93 /Tree Only SendPic    George Washington Smith b 1848 TN m Charity Smith TN>OK
GRP-R-M269-45 Branch: GRP-R-M269-45-25 / YDNA     George Washington Smith b c 1844 GA m Sarah Rebecca Drummond GA>GA>GA
GRP-R-M198-2 Branch: GRP-R-M198-2-12 / YDNA     George Wesley Smith b 1869 Yell Co AR m Lille B McKever AR>AR
GRP-G-M201-7 Branch: bBIM0l16055347 / YDNA  SendPic    George Wylie Smith b 1827 NY m Levina Willis NY>OH>NE
Branch: bZCT6RwOVq / YDNA     Gideon H Smith b 1806 GA m Elizabeth S Holmes GA>GA
Branch: hYkMxb4q9C /Tree Only SendPic    Gideon H Smith b 1806 GA m Elizabeth Sarah Holmes GA>GA
Branch: 3K4Su616123541 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Gideon M Smith b 1814 PA m Mary J Anderson PA>AL
Branch: 0jECFcSpbz /FF/AUT  SendPic                                        Gordon Smith B 1777 Connecticut CT>NY
Branch: Tw7DHQ17081931 / YDNA  SendPic            Grace Gertrude Smith
Branch: FZ69QjpGse / YDNA  SendPic                                        Gray W. Smith 1881 Bossier Co. Louisiana LA
GRP-J-M267-1 Branch: GRP-J-M267-1-10 / YDNA  SendPic    Green Wood Smith b c 1814 GA m Mary M Hatcher GA>AL
GRP-I-P37-4 Branch: GRP-I-P37-4-5 / YDNA     Guilelmus Smith 1735 Hanover Co VA (2 Ransom 3 Benjamin) VA>NC>NC
GRP-I-P37-4 Branch: GRP-I-P37-4-21 / YDNA  SendPic    Guilelmus Smith b c 1735 NC (2 William 3 Archibald) NC>VA>TN
GRP-I-P37-4 Branch: GRP-I-P37-4-4 / YDNA  SendPic    Guilelmus Smith b c 1735 VA (2 Ransom 3 Robert) VA>VA>NC
GRP-I-P37-4 Branch: HOWTUlorFK /mtDNA     Guilelmus Smith b c 1737 Hanover VA (2 Ransom 3 Benjamin) VA>VA>NC
Branch: COvyj1dKJ4 / YDNA  SendPic    Guillermo P Smith aka William Schmidt b c 1815 Germany GER>CA
GRP-I-P37-4 Branch: 3Nw92VHTRu /FF/AUT  SendPic    Gulielmus Smith b 1735 NC NC>TN>TX
GRP-R-M269-166 Branch: WJKydGpQC3 / YDNA     Guy Ernest Smith b 1890 IA m Ada Belle Cox IA>IA
GRP-R-M269-12 Branch: RI2Jup18124313 /Tree Only    Guy Smith b 1675 ENG m Vera Perrin (2 John 3 Frances) VA>VA>VA
Branch: WEJGdktX5c / YDNA  SendPic    Guy Smith d 1787 Granville NC m Jeretta Wilson NC>KY
Branch: eNpxGsiZ16 / YDNA  SendPic    H G W Smith b 1832 GA GA>GA
Branch: mycU507LYF713 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Hannah Smith b 1742 MA m Jonathan Allen MA>MA
Branch: VD8JGSIFUd /Tree Only SendPic    Hannah Smith b 1785 Colchester ENG m Joseph Cross ENG>TN
Branch: 2TKltAEnYm713 / SendPic    Hans Heinrich Schmidt m Barbara Rimbach GER>GER
GRP-I-P37-1 Branch: RcabLfUdXl /Tree Only                                        Hans Jurgen Smith b Sweden>DE SWE-DE
Branch: l3onhfu7R2 /Tree Only SendPic    Hans Melchoir Schmidt GER
Branch: n3GdBwCW0b / YDNA     Hans Smidt b 1610 Christiana Norway NOR>NOR
GRP-R-M269-19 Branch: GRP-R-M269-19-11 / YDNA     Harbard Smith VA>GA m 1809 Jefferson Co GA m Sarah Dupree VA>GA>GA
GRP-R-M269-168 Branch: 1GnDQb18110915 / YDNA  SendPic    Harden W Smith b 1808 KY m Martha Heard
GRP-R-M269-168 Branch: d6wmGM17010911 / YDNA  SendPic    Harden W Smith b 1808 TN or KY m Martha Heard TN>TN
GRP-R-M269-8 Branch: GRP-R-M269-8-3 / YDNA  SendPic    Harmon Smith b 5/3/1768 Chatham County, NC m Mary Elizabeth Posey ENG>ENG>ENG>VA>NC
GRP-I-M253-19 Branch: GRP-I-M253-19-4 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Harold George Smith b 1893 NY m Grace King NY
GRP-R-M269-8 Branch: GRP-R-M269-8-1 / YDNA     Harrison G Smith b GA m Mary J Gilliam GA>TX>TX
GRP-Q-M242-2 Branch: GRP-Q-M242-2-5 / YDNA  SendPic    Harry Eugene Kelso b NE NE
Branch: XvW15dBw3V /mtDNA     Harry Hansen Smith b 1866 MI m Lillian Angie Wilson MI>CO
Branch: DycTS7aM8j / YDNA  SendPic                                        Harry P Smith b c 1880-1884 PA m Alfreda PA>WA
GRP-R-M269-8 Branch: GRP-R-M269-8-4 / YDNA  SendPic    Harvey J Smith b 1833 Pickens, SC m Elizabeth Dorsey SC>GA
Branch: DfueRl18095803 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Harvey Massenburg Smith b 1836 Brunswick VA m Sarah E Pearson VA>VA
Branch: E1gWYpqKM4 /mtDNA  SendPic    Hatley John Smith b c 1830 MS m Julia A Hadley MS>TX>TX
Branch: 4HF59T16022126 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Hedgeman Smith b 1788 VA m Elizabeth Casper VA>MO
Branch: 3OlJFyuKkj713 /Tree Only SendPic    Hedgman Smith b 1788 VA VA>VA>MO
Branch: JWZzmLsqO5 / YDNA  SendPic    Heinrich Schmidt b 1895 RUS m Mary Tobert Russ>Can
Branch: raxy0l4PtD /FF/AUT     Heinrich Schmidt b c 1700 GER>RUS
Branch: OzEj70eYNM / YDNA  SendPic    Heinrich Schmidt b c 1760 GER m Mary Honaker GER-VA
Branch: Ub7yeMzgEA / YDNA  SendPic    Heinrich Schmidt Pendleton Co WV m Margaret Runckle WV
Branch: N2Q65sIxl1 / YDNA     Heinrich Schmidt Sr GER>PA
Branch: AjT3kcXe9W /Tree Only SendPic    Heinrich Schmitt b 1853 GER m Anna Donges GER>PA
GRP-R-M269-8 Branch: zUgVxC39n5 / YDNA     Henley Garrison Smith b c 1832 SC SC>AL
Branch: fhc40118083533 /Tree Only SendPic    Henry Boynton Smith m Elizabeth Lee Allen
GRP-R-M269-99 Branch: GRP-R-M269-99-1 / YDNA  SendPic    Henry Calvin Smith b 1818 in NY m Laura Shutts NY>MI>NY
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LEGEND: Groupings based on at least 37 markers, subject to change if better match found-

The section with Tree/Ped/m/x/Y/FF(Aut) shows the top tree line and pedigree if known, and what the YDNA, mtDNA, X line would look like-does not necessarily mean the person has done a particular test- column 2 shows the test taken Groupings based on YDNA; mtDNA and FF/Aut are assumed to match based on tree; suggest those kits find a Smith male in line to YDNA compare

To find your specific DNA Kit information, enter your DNA number in the search box
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For the Smith Official DNA Project (All Locations) a minimum of 25, or better, 37 markers, is strongly recommended. Many times one can appear to match other kits but the match falls apart after 12 markers. We do not attempt to match kits into groups on less than 25 with the exception of a strong paper trail or known family kinship with another tester.


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