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Matched Group Kit/Type Early Ancestor Migration Path
GRP-R-M269-107 Branch: GRP-R-M269-107-1 / YDNA  SendPic    Joseph Smith b c 1817 OH m Mary Ann Best OH>IN>IL
Branch: 3A52u8qjTk /Tree Only SendPic    Joseph Smith b c 1826 KY m Isabella Hall KY>IL
GRP-R-M269-12 Branch: GRP-R-M269-12-6715 / YDNA     Joseph Smith d before 1748 Albemarle VA VA>VA>VA
GRP-R-M269-14 Branch: GRP-R-M269-14-5 / YDNA  SendPic    Joseph smith d c 1850 KY m ? Walker KY
Branch: EsawNf18125613 T461057/ YDNA  SendPic    Joseph Smith m 1782 Yorkshire England Elizabeth Smith
Branch: LhymG218074432 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Joseph Smith m Caroline Strand-Dumfries, Scotland Scotland
Branch: nAUmq418050721 /FF/AUT     Joseph Smith m Catherine - Channel Island > NWS Channel Islands> Australia
GRP-R-M269-50 Branch: GRP-R-M269-50-9 / YDNA  SendPic    Joseph Smith Sr. b c1631 ENG poss d 1690 CT m Lydia Hewitt ENG>CT>CT
GRP-R-M269-50 Branch: WxPLiaR0TA / YDNA  SendPic    Joseph Smith Sr. b c1631 poss ENG d 1690 CT m Lydia Hewitt ENG>CT
GRP-R-M269-39 Branch: GRP-R-M269-39-10 / YDNA  SendPic    Joseph Smith, b. Abt 1770 and d. 1849 PA PA>PA>PA
Branch: A7aTK216091151 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Joshua Conkling Smith b 1778 NY m Ellen Van Epps
GRP-R-M269-59 Branch: GRP-R-M269-59-1 / YDNA  SendPic    Joshua Learned, b. 1824, Madison, Chenango Co. NY NY>IL>IA
GRP-R-M269-12 Branch: GRP-R-M269-12-9 / YDNA  SendPic    Joshua Smith b bef 1800 NY; m 1815 Clinton Co., NY m Lucy Gale NY>NY>OH
Branch: 9UKlJO16071935 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Joshua Smith m Mary E Anderson VA>TN
GRP-R-M269-56 Branch: GRP-R-M269-56-21 / YDNA                                         Josiah Smith b 1716 Stamford, CT m Martha Hoyt CT>CT
GRP-R-M269-32 Branch: GRP-R-M269-32-10713 / YDNA  SendPic    Josiah Smith b 1728 Sussex Co VA m Elizabeth Collier VA
Branch: BsKVxwk8vd /Tree Only SendPic    Josiah Smith b 1728 VA m Elizabeth Collier VA
Branch: VUQtl116084858 / YDNA  SendPic    Josiah Smith b 1758 MA m Abigail Gleason MA>OH
GRP-R-M269-42 Branch: GRP-R-M269-42-12 / YDNA     Josiah Smith b 1780 Rutherford TN m Elizabeth Todd VA>TN>KY
GRP-R-M269-42 Branch: BeiZTJ18053717 /FF/AUT     Josiah Smith b 1780 Rutherford TN m Elizabeth Todd 2 James 3 Andrew VA>TN
Branch: 9psyKH2wef / SendPic                                            Josiah Smith b 1780 TN
Branch: 6yMvS916120619 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Josiah Smith b 1790 NC m Rachel NC>NC
GRP-R-M269-32 Branch: GRP-R-M269-32-3 / YDNA     Josiah Smith b c 1780 VA m M French VA>VA>VA
Branch: EPRLFeIO35 / YDNA     Josiah Smith b c 1781 CT m Fannie McAllister CT>VT>VT
Branch: ZNYxPLHuSM / YDNA  SendPic    Josiah Smith b c1804 CT prob; d c1858 ClarionPA m Nancy Guyton CT>PA
Branch: jTnCA4lscB / YDNA  SendPic    Josiah Smith b NC m Ann ? NC>NC
Branch: wEa2XQzHo9 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Julia A Smith b 1814 KY m Thomas Sanford Leachman KY>IL
GRP-Q-M242-2 Branch: GRP-Q-M242-2-3 / YDNA     Justus Smith b 1796 Addison Co VT m Amy VT>VT
GRP-R-M269-1 Branch: 3fpeKOEkAZ /mtDNA  SendPic    K Needham Smith b 1778 NC m Rebecca(2 Richard 3 Wiley) NC>TN>TN
GRP-R-M269-1 Branch: GRP-R-M269-1-3 / YDNA     K Needham Smith b c 1778 NC m Rebecca (Robertson TN) 2 Richard 3 Wiley NC>TN>TN
GRP-R-M269-131 Branch: GRP-R-M269-131-2 / YDNA     Karl Georg Schmidt (1864-1933) GER>IA>IA
GRP-R-M269-105 Branch: bjXZmOr8gH / YDNA  SendPic    Kasper Schmidt b 1670 GER m Sarcke Thoms GER>GER>GER
Branch: AZlde217040857 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Kathleen Jane Smith Brown OH
Branch: 9Yrx5R18101958 / SendPic    Keeling/Smith
Branch: pZh9e418102433 / YDNA  SendPic    Keeling/Smith
GRP-R-M269-145 Branch: GRP-R-M269-145-1 / SendPic    Kenneth George Smith
Branch: xTuL8kbKWV / SendPic    Keziah Smith b 1802 KY KY
GRP-E-M2_-10 Branch: KEclhD6NGk / YDNA  SendPic    Kokomo, IN IN
Branch: KmYhU2VxMT /Tree Only SendPic    Lambrecht Smidt b 1605 m Marie Daniels NY
Branch: 4mZUuv18053526 / YDNA     Lauther Smith b c 1770 VA m Barbara Louderback VA>TN>TN
GRP-I-M223-1 Branch: GRP-I-M223-1-2 / YDNA     Lawrence Smith b 1687 VA m Jane Mary Regan VA>NC
GRP-I-M223-1 Branch: GRP-I-M223-1-4 / YDNA     Lawrence Smith b c 1797 VA m Caroline Gardner VA
Branch: 7J5cq9etkT / YDNA     Lazarus Smith b c 1774 Chowan Co NC NC>NC
Branch: X21bVfZKqr / SendPic                                            Leila Smith Kuttler b 1896 BER
GRP-I-M253-12 Branch: W1Sg9P18123823 / YDNA  SendPic    Lemuel Smith b 1752 Huntington NY m Sarah Hawley (2 David 3 David) NY>NY
Branch: zrxy6ISYJt / YDNA  SendPic                                        Leonard Carlos Smith San Diego, CA died 1/1980 CA
GRP-R-M269-65 Branch: GRP-R-M269-65-1 / YDNA  SendPic    Leonard Samuel Smith b CAN d MI m Edwina Moore CA>MI
GRP-R-M269-65 Branch: GRP-R-M269-65-2 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Leonard Samuel Smith b Can.; d MI m Edwina Moore CAN>MI
GRP-R-M269-19 Branch: GRP-R-M269-19-1 / YDNA  SendPic    Leonard Smith b 1735 Dinwiddie Co VA m Nancy Ann Littlefield VA>SC>SC
GRP-R-M269-19 Branch: GRP-R-M269-19-6 / YDNA  SendPic    Leonard Smith b 1754 Dinwiddie VA m Nancy Ann Littlefield VA
GRP-R-M269-19 Branch: mycU507LYF / YDNA  SendPic    Leonard Smith m N Littlefield (2 Thomas 3 Charles) VA>SC>SC
GRP-J-M267-1 Branch: GRP-J-M267-1-25 / YDNA  SendPic    Leondrow Jackson Smith b 1853 AL m Sarah Jane Martin AL
Branch: 9lpdwns56c / YDNA  SendPic    Leonhardt Schmidt d 1771 Baden>Baden>Baden
GRP-R-M269-176 Branch: VtlsX470RB / YDNA  SendPic                                        Levi Jackson Smith b May 5 1840 TN TN>AR
GRP-R-M269-47 Branch: T4BX0517045132 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Levi Smith b 1790 NJ
GRP-I-M253-33 Branch: GRP-I-M253-33-42 / YDNA  SendPic    Levi SMith b 1832 GA m Elizabeth Dorset GA>MS
GRP-R-M269-148 Branch: GRP-R-M269-148-2 / YDNA  SendPic    Levi Smith b 1835 Canada; d Rutland Co., VT m Mary A CAN>VT
Branch: UaMFlLoSdf / YDNA  SendPic                                        Levi T Smith b 1832 GA GA
GRP-I-M253-33 Branch: GRP-I-M253-33-3 / YDNA     Levi T Smith b 1832 GA m Elizabeth Dorset GA
Branch: e4iIfuEUvA / YDNA  SendPic    Lewis Andrew Smith b 1842 LA m Frances Jane Mickleborough LA>TX
Branch: VugeSpwZHf / YDNA  SendPic    Lewis B SMith b 1862 GA m Mattie GA>TX
GRP-R-M269-7 Branch: GRP-R-M269-7-6 / YDNA     Lewis Smith b 1802 m Elizabeth Hancock GA GA>TX
Branch: Zl24PcmtwE / YDNA  SendPic    Lewis Smith b c 1798 Frederick Co VA m Leah Bucher VA>OH
Branch: R6V7iF18013039 /Tree Only    Lillian Margaret Smith b 1916 IA
GRP-R-M269-74 Branch: GRP-R-M269-74-1 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Lloyd Smith, b c1898 perhaps NY; res Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co., PA PA
GRP-R-M269-74 Branch: GRP-R-M269-74-3 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Lloyd Smith, b c1898 perhaps NY; res Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co., PA PA
GRP-R-M269-74 Branch: GRP-R-M269-74-2 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Lloyd Smith, b c1898 perhaps NY; res Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co., PA PA
Branch: LeIsyV4bA7 / YDNA  SendPic    Lockwood Smyth b Oamaru NZ m Dulcie McClean NZ
GRP-R-M198-2 Branch: GRP-R-M198-2-3 / YDNA  SendPic    Lon Smith b 1883 d 1910 AR>AR
Branch: jh98bL18010234 A434694/FF/AUT     Lorenzo F Schmidt b 1757 Germany m Christine Sunifrank GER>VA>VA
Branch: wOyuIN17105029 PM532406P1/ YDNA  SendPic    Louis Smith b 1878 Hungary m Anna Simon Hungary>IL
Branch: 6NrD2q18105120 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Louis Smith b 1878 Hungary m Anna Simon Hungary>IL
Branch: NI2iWbnvod /Tree Only    Lovett Bryant Smith b 1785 VA GA>GA
GRP-R-M269-47 Branch: Ml8Nq518115502 /Tree Only SendPic    Lt Samuel Smith b 1602 ENG (2 Philip 3 Ichabod) ENG>MA
GRP-I-M253-6 Branch: GRP-I-M253-6-25 / YDNA  SendPic    Lt Thomas Smith b c 1688 IRE m Mary Karr(2 Samuel 3, James) IRE>NH>NH>CAN
Branch: DBR2X7PG3r / YDNA  SendPic    Lucas Smith b c 1900 OH OH
GRP-R-M269-59 Branch: GRP-R-M269-59-3 / YDNA  SendPic                                        Ludlow Smith b c 1813 NY m Mary NY
GRP-I-M253-21 Branch: GRP-I-M253-21-3 / YDNA     Ludwig Schmidt -Russia m Helene Mueller Russia/Russ
Branch: 678YOtkbdR / SendPic                                            Luke Smith b 1803 VA
GRP-J-M172-9 Branch: XfbxLJ18022058 / YDNA  SendPic    Luke Turnage Smith b 1802 GA m Malinda GA>AL>TX
Branch: HwXZ6ulTAC /FF/AUT  SendPic    Mahalia Smith b 1841 Canada m John Buchanan Canada> IL
Branch: 8LAgIM17025609 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Major Lawrence Smith Sr b 1629 England m Mary Debnam England>VA
Branch: LNijB518080737 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Malcolm Smith b 1690 Scotland (2 John 3 Malcolm) Scotland > NC
Branch: J6Ttev18021612 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Malcolm Smith b 1770 Scotland m Mary McDonald Scotland>New Zealand
GRP-I-M253-5 Branch: GRP-I-M253-5-6 / YDNA  SendPic    Malcolm Smith b 1800 SC m Lucy Briant SC>TN>TN
Branch: BIsHxr18013613 / YDNA  SendPic    Malcolm Smith b 1817 Scotland m Catherine Nicholson Scotland>Nova Scotia>Quebec
GRP-R-M269-1 Branch: GRP-R-M269-1-25 / YDNA  SendPic    Malcolm Smith m Sally Grinad (2 Abraham 3 Thomas (Smith Co TN) TN>TN
Branch: rAPOGW07uv /Tree Only                                            Manuel Smith b c 1813 Portugal
GRP-I-M223-1 Branch: TcQDW3o6gZ /mtDNA  SendPic                                            Marcellus Smith b 1859 NC m Annie Lee Cooper NC
GRP-R-M269-54 Branch: GRP-R-M269-54-6 / YDNA     Marcus Hamilton b 1847 Rutherford Co NC NC>NC>NC
Branch: oTJ4pQ17010527 /Tree Only SendPic    Margaret Schmidt m Raymond Sampson Sr
Branch: whrvGB16035956 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Mariah Chase Smith b 1810 VT m Reuben Parker VT>NE
Branch: aV5OFriBMh / YDNA  SendPic                                        Mark Smith b c 1807 Ossett Yorkshire ENG m Maria Fawcett ENG>ENG
Branch: 8WQPJvnXq5 / YDNA  SendPic    Mark Smith b c 1816 VA m Lucy Johnson VA>CO
GRP-R-M269-68 Branch: GRP-R-M269-68-2 / YDNA  SendPic    Mark Smith b perhaps CT; m (1) 1796 Sarah Hull CT>CT>NY>OH
GRP-R-M269-26 Branch: GRP-R-M269-26-10 / YDNA     Marmaduke Smith b 1788 NC m Elizabeth Beasley NC>NC>NC
Branch: foKjsxM3V6 / SendPic                                            Martha C Smith b 1867 PA
Branch: yW01OJ17083407 /Tree Only SendPic    Martha Smith b 1746 CT m James Knowles CT>OH
Branch: exN75H18080716 /FF/AUT  SendPic    Martin Schmitt m Albertine Shroer NY>NJ
GRP-J-M172-3 Branch: GRP-J-M172-3-1 / YDNA  SendPic    Martin Smith b 1776 PA d 1852 Fairfield Co OH m Maria Weber PA>OH
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LEGEND: Groupings based on at least 37 markers, subject to change if better match found-

The section with Tree/Ped/m/x/Y/FF(Aut) shows the top tree line and pedigree if known, and what the YDNA, mtDNA, X line would look like-does not necessarily mean the person has done a particular test- column 2 shows the test taken Groupings based on YDNA; mtDNA and FF/Aut are assumed to match based on tree; suggest those kits find a Smith male in line to YDNA compare

To find your specific DNA Kit information, enter your DNA number in the search box
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For the Smith Official DNA Project (All Locations) a minimum of 25, or better, 37 markers, is strongly recommended. Many times one can appear to match other kits but the match falls apart after 12 markers. We do not attempt to match kits into groups on less than 25 with the exception of a strong paper trail or known family kinship with another tester.


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