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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Laurelton Union ChurchUSA PAUnion
Lawrence Chapel United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA SCPickens
Lawrence Cove Independent Baptist Church Cemetery USA ALMorgan
Lawrence Memorial ParkUSA ARLawrence
Lawrence SmithUSA GAClinch
Lawrenceville CemeteryUSA NJMercer
Leachman CemeteryUSA ILChristian
Leagueville CemeteryUSA TXHenderson
Lebanon CemeteryUSA TNHardin
Lebanon United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA ALCherokee
Lebeck CemeteryUSA MOCedar
Lee and Johnson RestoriumUSA NCJohnston
Lee CemeteryUSA TNBradley
Lee CemeteryUSA TXHunt
Lee CemeteryUSA TXWood
Lehigh CemeteryUSA ILPeoria
Lemon Springs Methodist Church CemeteryUSA NCLee
Lenox Memorial CemeteryUSA WVPreston
Leon CemeteryUSA IADecatur
Leonard CemeteryUSA TXFannin
Lexie Church of Christ CemeteryUSA TNFranklin
Lexington CemeteryUSA KYFayette
Lexington CemeteryUSA NYGreene
Lexington CemeteryUSA PAGreene
Lexington City CemeteryUSA NCDavidson
LIberty CemeteryUSA MOTexas
Liberty CemeteryUSA NYSullivan
LIberty Chapel CemeteryUSA GABryan
Liberty Christian Church CemeteryUSA GACoweta
Liberty City CemeteryUSA TXLiberty
Liberty Hill Lutheran Church CemeteryUSA SCNewberry
Liberty Hill United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
Lincoln CemeteryUSA MAWorcester
Lincoln-Noyes CemeteryUSA VTOrleans
Lindley CemeteryUSA MOSullivan
Line CemeteryUSA RIProvidence
Linwood Park CemeteryUSA IABoone
Lisbon Ridge CemeteryUSA MEAndroscoggin
Litchfield CemeteryUSA NESherman
Little Bahala Church CemeteryUSA MSLincoln
Little CemeteryUSA OKSeminole
Little Elm CemeteryUSA TXDenton
Little Robe CemeteryUSA OKDewey
Little Rock National CemeteryUSA ARPulaski
Little Union Primitive Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GACrawford
Littlejohn Cemetery #1USA SCCherokee
Littlejohn Family CemeteryUSA SCCherokee
Live Oak CemeteryUSA ALDallas
Live Oak CemeteryUSA TXHamilton
Llano CemeteryUSA TXPotter
Lockhart Municipal Burial ParkUSA TXCaldwell
Locust Grove CemeteryUSA KYLaurel
Locust Grove CemeteryUSA NHRockingham
Logan CemeteryUSA NYSchuyler
Loma Vista Memorial ParkUSA CAOrange
Lombardy CemeteryUSA DENew Castle
Lometa CemeteryUSA TXLampassas
Lone Grove CemeteryUSA OKCarter
Lone Hill CemeteryUSA GACoffee
Lone Star CemeteryUSA MSCovington
Long Island National CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Long Mountain CemeteryUSA TXMason
Long Swamp CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Longs Run CemeteryUSA OHColumbiana
Los Angeles National CemeteryUSA CALos Angeles
Lot Smith CemeteryUSA MSLincoln
Lothrop Hill CemeteryUSA MABarnstable
Lounsbury CemeteryUSA CTFairfield
Low Gap CemeteryUSA OHLawrence
Lower Buffalo CemeteryUSA WVBrooke
Lower Chireno CemeteryUSA TXNacogdoches
Lower Merion Baptist CemeteryUSA PAMontgomery
Lower Wall Pack CemeteryUSA NJSussex
Lowhill Church CemeteryUSA PALehigh
Luling City CemeteryUSA TXCaldwell
Luttrell Cemetery #1USA KYCasey
Lyman Prairie CemeteryUSA MNStearns
Lynne Kirk & Abby KnoweScotland Scottish BordersPeebles
Lynnhurst CemeteryUSA TNKnox
Lynwood CemeteryUSA IAButler
Lyons City CemeteryUSA GAToombs
Lystra CemeteryUSA ALClay
Macedonia Baptist Church CemeteryUSA MSLincoln
Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church CemeteryUSA MSNewton
Machpelah CemeteryUSA MOLafayette
Macon CemeteryUSA TNFayette
Macpherson Presbyterian Church CemeteryUSA NCCumberland
Mad River CemeteryUSA MAGrafton
Madison CemeteryUSA ALMadison
Madison Historic CemeteriesUSA GAMorgan
Magnolia CemeteryUSA ALButler
Magnolia CemeteryUSA ALMobile
Magnolia CemeteryUSA MSLauderdale
Magnolia CemeteryUSA SCCharleston
Magnolia City CemeteryUSA ARColumbia
Malone CemeteryUSA TNMcNairy
Manakin CemeteryUSA VAPowhatan
Manbeck's CemeteryUSA PASnyder
Manhard CemeteryCanada OntarioLeeds and Grenville United Counties
Manhard CemeteryCanada OntarioLeeds and Grenville United Counties
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