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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Union Baptist Church CemeteryUSA TNCarter
Union CemeteryUSA CAKern
Union CemeteryUSA ILGreene
Union CemeteryUSA INWarren
Union CemeteryUSA MAEssex
Union CemeteryUSA NHBelknap
Union CemeteryUSA NJBergen
Union CemeteryUSA NYLivingston
Union CemeteryUSA NYSt Lawrence
Union CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Union CemeteryUSA OHStark
Union CemeteryUSA RIProvidence
Union CemeteryUSA VALoudoun
Union CemeteryUSA WIKenosha
Union CemeteryUSA WIMilwaukee
Union Cemetery EastUSA PASomerset
Union Chapel Methodist CemeteryUSA INRandolph
Union Congregational Church Memorial GardenUSA NJEssex
Union Dempsey Baptist Church Cemetery USA ALClay
Union Grove CemeteryUSA ALChilton
Union Grove CemeteryUSA ARCross
Union Hall Baptist Church CemeteryUSA MSLincoln
Union Hill Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GABleckley
Union Hill CemeteryUSA CTMiddlesex
Union hill CemeteryUSA GAAtkinson
Union Presbyterian CemetryUSA NCGaston
Union Theological Church CemeteryUSA VAPrince Edward
Union Village CemeteryUSA VTWindsor
Uniontown Community CemeteryUSA WAWhitman
United First Parish ChurchUSA MANorfolk
United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA NYUlster
Unitia CemeteryUSA TNLoudon
Until the Day DawnUSA NYAllegany
Upper Bay CemeteryUSA IADelaware
Upper Langdon CemeteryUSA NHSullivan
Upper Mabel CemeteryUSA ORLane
Upper Smith CemeteryUSA KYButler